Lebanese Authorities Just Agreed To Renew Expired Passports For The Elections

Just three days ahead of the election day, which falls on a Sunday, the Lebanese government agreed to renew expired passports so people can vote in the 2022 parliamentary elections.

According to a memorandum posted on the Interior Ministry’s website on Thursday, The General Directorate of Lebanese General Security (DGSG) will have the power to renew expired passports (the dark blue passport or the biometric one).

Adding that these newly renewed passports will be only available during the electoral process for the Lebanese residents who are eligible to vote. The renewal comes at a fee of 200,000 LBP per passport.

However, Lebanese citizens can vote using their IDs.

In case the picture on the ID is old (a much younger version of the person), people can also bring a VALID individual civil extract (إجراج قيد) with them.

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