Lebanon’s First Rental Platform Allows You To Make Money By Lending What You Own

Patrick Mouzawak/Bloomberg

Born out of multiple crises, Ajjerni is Lebanon’s first digital rental platform.

“The concept is simple; it allows users to make and save money by renting items to and from other users from the Ajjerni community,” Mansour Habchi, Ajjerni’s business developer told The961.

The platform was founded last year by Samer Corban, who got the idea after noticing many of his friends struggling because of the worst financial crisis since Lebanon’s independence.

Hyperinflation, a decrease in purchasing power, and market shortages all led up to the creation of the solution Ajjerni. It can help people save money, make money, and have easier access to certain items.

The platform puts “borrowers” (aka renters) in contact with “lenders” where any renter can search for and borrow items they need to use for a certain period of time.

In return, lenders can make a profit out of items they own that are just lying around the house.

From electronic equipment, camping/hiking gear, musical instruments, to even home furniture, office equipment, and venues, Ajjerni has currently 20 different categories, including one for free items and giveaways.