All Restaurants in Lebanon Will Close Down to Contain Coronavirus

Syndicate of Restaurants

As the number of cases has begun to increase over the past few days reaching a total of 133 cases and 2 deaths on March 11th, the need to limit the spread of the virus is becoming more and more urgent.

As a result, there have been orders to close all schools, nightclubs, sports centers, gyms, and all other such places where large amounts of people can be found.

On March 11th, the syndicate of restaurants ordered all restaurants across Lebanon to close.

نقابة أصحاب المطاعم: قرّرنا الإقفال على كافة الأراضي اللبنانيّة
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They released a statement saying that “it’s no secret the sector is seeing its worst days” and that the lack of purchasing power and liquidity is negatively affecting their businesses.

They lamented that the Coronavirus has “dashed all our remaining hopes.” They added that, after meetings with the Minister of Tourism Ramzi Mcharfieh and between the syndicate’s team members, this order will apply to restaurants all over Lebanon without exception.

They thanked Minister Mcharfieh for his efforts and they’re hoping that he, as well as the banks, would be able to support them in these trying times.

We have seen restaurants losing business and closing since October of 2019.

The financial crisis that has taken place has delivered a big blow to Lebanon’s businesses, and this latest health crisis is just kicking even harder the economy while it’s down.

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