Lebanon Just Signed Gas Deal With Egypt & Syria To Increase Electricity Supply


Lebanon, Egypt, and Syria have finally signed an agreement on Tuesday to supply 650 million cubic meters of natural gas to a power plant in Deir Ammar, North Lebanon, in order to increase the country’s electricity supply.

According to the Lebanese Energy Minister, Walid Fayad, the country will receive an additional 4 hours of electricity per day, which is around 450 megawatts.

Egypt will supply the natural gas through Jordan and Syria, using a newly renovated pipeline.

The World Bank, which is funding the deal, is yet to sign off on the agreement. The deal is also awaiting assurance from the United States that no sanctions will be imposed on Syria with this deal.

“We are looking forward to getting the final guarantees from the United States, especially regarding sanctions, therefore the support of the United States and the international community is essential,” said Fayad.

In January, Lebanon signed an agreement with Jordan to provide the country with 250 megawatts (2 hours) of electricity per day, but the deal is yet to be implemented.

Lebanon has been dealing with an electricity problem since 1990. The issue exacerbated in the past decade to further become a dire crisis in recent times.

Citizens have been receiving less than 2 hours of electricity per day, and have resorted to using private generators – where the diesel is now priced in dollars – which has become a luxury amid the economic crisis.

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