Lebanon Co-Sponsors A UN Resolution Protecting Journalists

Lebanon was one of the co-sponsors for a United Nations (UN) Resolution’s draft on Friday. The draft stands against violent crimes against journalists and calls for punishing culprits.

In addition, the General Assembly draft also called for releasing any journalists that are unjustly detained, arrested, or imprisoned.

According to the database of the Committee to Protect Journalists related to attacks on the press, 13 Lebanese journalists were either killed in crossfire, murdered, or imprisoned.

Earlier this year, the journalist Lokman Slim was found murdered. In addition, a Reuters correspondent was deported from Lebanon upon his arrival.

The draft called for governments to take legal action to protect journalists and to support investigation in any crimes perpetrated against journalists.

The General Assembly in the UN has to approve the draft, followed by the world body of 192 members. This resolution is not legally binding.

The draft also condemned actions some governments take to disrupt the flow of information, like blocking internet connections from media companies.

The Human Rights resolution clearly emphasized the importance of freedom of expression. Part of that lies in journalism that is diverse and protected.

While this resolution is not legally binding, it shows a clear stance with journalists against the injustice they face in their work.