14 Things You Miss When You Leave Lebanon

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Goodbyes are never fun, especially not to a magnificent country like Lebanon. Politics aside, Lebanon is a fantastic country full of life, fun, and adventure.

People abroad often find themselves homesick for Lebanon and become ecstatic when they meet other Lebanese people in their communities.

There are so many things to love about Lebanon and here are some of the things people who leave it miss the most:

#1 How close in distance everything is

Most of the time, you can get anything you want in your Lebanese town by walking. Need groceries? Medicine? A haircut? A mani-pedi? More often than not, everything you need is right around the corner from where you’re staying.

#2 The people and their “closeness”

Lebanese people are so welcoming and helpful for no reason. Many will go out of their way to help others and expect nothing in return.

Overall, they have this amazing ability to adapt to everything that comes at them and, in their times of challenges, they still don’t let go of your hand.

They have that old-timey charm and manners you won’t find anywhere else. And yes, they will force you to stay for coffee, breakfast, lunch, and dinner if they could – even if they’re not well-off.

#3 The friendly weather

Warm weather for most of the year makes for Lebanon’s impeccable beach culture, while its snowy winters on Lebanon’s mountains makes it an ideal ski-resort destination.

Picture golden hour sun and perfect tan lines, hear the crashing waves, and smell the salty breeze. Now, think about cozying up in a cabin next to a fireplace watching the snowfall outside.

#4 The inspiring views

There’s nothing like being able to spot snow on a mountain while you’re walking on the corniche, or overlooking a magnificent valley, or feeling like you’re on top of the world.

#5 Being able to hike/camp in the wilderness and still feel safe

Honestly, the chances of getting killed by a serial killer or a wild animal while you’re out and about enjoying the untouched nature of Lebanon is so low compared to other countries.

#6 The dynamic landscape

If the previous point about THE VIEW wasn’t enough, we just have to emphasize how underappreciated Lebanon’s landscape is.

It’s not until you’re stuck driving for hours on a highway through long stretches of land that you really miss being able to see the dynamic landscape Lebanon has to offer. You can be at the coast one minute and on a mountain the next.

#7 Being present in the mighty past at any time

In Lebanon, you can literally time travel by visiting historic sites scattered across the country. It’s overwhelming to realize that you’re on the very land that ancient empires once existed. It’s almost hard to believe, but you appreciate more Lebanon’s rich history once you live far away.

#8 The daily blessing of being with family and friends

Perhaps one of the most important things people miss about Lebanon is being close to family and friends.

#9 The exciting language

When people leave Lebanon, they’re likely to notice how bizarre it is to foreigners to jump between different languages. Being able to speak multiple languages in the same sentence without looking like a fool or seeming like a show-off is simply our Lebanese culture. (Actually, you might look like a fool if you don’t!)

#10 The food

Sure, you can still get some of your favorite Lebanese foods outside of Lebanon, but it’s not the same, and Lebanese know that. Plus, it’s not just the street food or mezza, but good homemade meals from your teita.

#11 How much simpler life is

Regardless of the many issues, life in Lebanon is simple. It’s not hard to pause, breathe, and find joy in the little things. And perhaps due to that, the people here seem to be more trusting and spiritual.

#12 Being served at gas stations

Yes, in Lebanon you don’t fill up your own car gas – someone does it for you. That’s an unexpected luxury you’ll miss being abroad.

#13 Something in the atmosphere…

Surprised? Don’t be. We got to hear this from several Lebanese in the diaspora. They say missing the scent that drifts from the earth in the mornings and the scent that fills the evenings in the mountains.

#14 Being surrounded by humor every single day

Right, that is unbeatable! In good times and bad times, humor is everywhere you go, teasing is in almost every conversation, and funny sarcasm makes the country’s problems feel somehow… more bearable.

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