Lebanon Declares Three Days Of National Mourning For Victims Of Beirut Explosion

Hassan Ammar—AP

A massive freak explosion left covered in shattered glass. The glass, broken into millions of tiny pieces, somehow resembles a sinister fresh bed of snow. But instead of a winter wonderland, looks like a war zone.

Homes, shops, restaurants, and more have been damaged by the blast. North of , the destruction reached even passed Jal El-Dib to Dbayeh. The explosion was heard in Tyre, Jbeil, and even all the way in Cyprus.

In neighboring countries, the rumble caused by the explosion was registered as the equivalent of a level-4 earthquake.

Until this time, families are still trying to find their missing loved ones. The casualties are many, overwhelming all hospitals across the region, which were already packed with coronavirus patients.

As of the time of writing, reported 60 killed and over 3000 injuries.

For the next three days, will mourn the great loss caused by the .

According to a statement from the Presidential Palace, has declared three days of national mourning for the lives of those who perished as a result of the explosion.

In addition, citizens of are being urged to leave the city to avoid the harmful effects of the chemical material that went up in flames.

Furthermore, the President has declared for a state of emergency for the next two weeks, handing command of the city over to the army.

The events of Tuesday’s explosion can only be described as panic, terror, devastation, and great loss. There is also anger and despair.

Countries and public figures abroad are showing their support for . One can only hope that help is on the way.

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