Lebanon Just Thwarted Smuggling Of More Than 900,000 Captagon Pills

Lebanese Army

Lebanese authorities seized around 200,000 Captagon pills on Monday after a man attempted to smuggle the shipment from Syria to Lebanon on a motorbike.

The Lebanese Army issued a statement revealing that “on 20/2/2022, an army unit seized, in Wadi Oueini region on the outskirts of Arsal, a cargo of 200,000 Captagon pills with an individual who was trying to cross from Syria into Lebanon aboard a motorcycle.”

However, the suspect managed to escape, leaving behind the recreational substances, the army commented.

On Tuesday, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) announced that a shipment of 700,000 Captagon pills bound to head to Saudi Arabia, by land, have been intercepted in Lebanon.

“Those involved in the drug smuggling network were also arrested”, the ISF statement said.

The arrested suspects include the head of the drug trafficking network, a Syrian national G.D. (1991), his brother (H.D.) involved in the largest smuggling of Captagon pills seized in Malaysia, and another member identified as being of Lebanese nationality and born in 1973.

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