Lebanon Will File Complaint Against Israel For Disrupting GPS Systems


The foreign ministry announced its intention to file a complaint against Israel at the UN Security Council, alleging disruption of navigation systems and civil aviation around Beirut airport.

Israel’s actions were deemed to jeopardize the safety of civil aviation in the airspace of Beirut’s Rafic Hariri International Airport.

“Lebanon plans to urgently present its complaint to the UN Security Council regarding Israel’s interference with navigation systems and civil aviation safety since the onset of the Gaza conflict”, as stated by the Foreign Ministry via the NNA.

The Ministry strongly condemned Israel’s deliberate policy of jamming air and ground navigation systems, as well as disrupting signal-receiving and transmitting devices.

Despite efforts, those responsible for the airport cyberattack remain unidentified, with caretaker Public Works and Transportation Minister Ali Hamieh admitting Lebanon’s lack of cybersecurity expertise.

In this concern, on January 7, Beirut’s airport’s departure and arrival screens were subjected to a cyberattack, displaying anti-Hezbollah messages causing conveyor belts to halt operations.

Additionally, in light of cybersecurity concerns, reports surfaced of two Lebanese individuals allegedly duped into digitally mapping Beirut for Israel, potentially aiding in targeting a Hamas leader.

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