Lebanon Wants To Resume Maritime Border Negotiations With Israel

TDS/Mohammed Zaatari

On Tuesday, Lebanese President Michel Aoun met with U.S. Ambassador Dorothy Shea to express ’s keenness on continuing “friendly and cooperative relations with the after the inauguration of President .”

During the meeting, Aoun announced ’s readiness to restart maritime borders demarcation negotiations with Israel based on the proposals presented in previous meetings.

The U.S.-mediated border negotiations, which started in October, went sour in December due to complications related to Lebanon’s new demands for an additional 1,430 square kilometers.

The Jewish state has blamed Lebanon for changing its position in talks and warned that it would lead to a dead-end.

Lebanese Army

If does not become flexible in its current stance and demands, it is unlikely that the negotiations would resume nor open the opportunity for gas exploration in the region.

Meanwhile, and in spite of ’s alleged readiness for smooth negotiations, it hasn’t restrained itself from regularly violating ’s space and land, the latest of which just occurred with Israeli military vehicles crossing the Blue Line into Lebanon.