Lebanon Just Signed A Business Collaboration Accord With Turkey

Lebanon Just Signed A Business Collaboration Accord With Turkey
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On Monday, Lebanon signed a collaboration agreement with Turkey that aims to improve business relations between the two countries, according to Beirut’s Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture.

Mohammad Choucair, a former minister and the current head of the chamber, represented Lebanon in the accord, while the Turkish side was represented by the vice president of the Association of Independent Businessmen and Industrialists in Turkey, Zaki Goversen.

The agreement’s objectives are to strengthen Lebanese-Turkish economic relations and increase collaboration and communication between business people in the two countries while benefiting from experiences in various economic fields.

It allows the two countries to swap capabilities in sectors that include industry, energy, agriculture, tourism, and others.

The agreement was inked during an online meeting that was the last of a series held between Choucair and Goversen recently.

“Despite the prevailing crisis in Lebanon, the private sector will exert its full efforts to prepare for the coming period with all its means,” Choucair said during the meeting, affirming that things “have to change for the better to start the advancement workshop.”

Another agreement was signed between Goversen and the chairman of Global Lebanese Investors, Jacques Sarraf.

This agreement’s goal is to activate investment cooperation between Lebanon’s and Turkey’s businesspeople in various fields, both inside and outside the two countries.

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Lebanon Just Signed A Business Collaboration Accord With Turkey

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