10 Pictures Proving That Lebanon Is The Ultimate Travel Destination

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It is true that you can ski in the snowcapped mountains and go swimming all on the same day in Lebanon. With hills meeting the sea, Lebanon is a marvelous little Mediterranean country with plenty to do.

Vibes Tourism, a Lebanese travel agency, just made an album of 10 pictures that compare various travel destinations to our own small country. The resemblances are striking and induce a sense of nationalistic pride.

Vibes compared areas in Lebanon to popular spots in Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Australia, America, Burma, France, and Brazil.

There are tons of activities that can be done in Lebanon like spending summer days at the beach or by the pool.

You can take a road trip into the gorgeous mountains, visit nature reserves, hike through forests, or camp under the stars.

You can get a taste of the cultural heritage and tour Lebanon’s many religious and historical sites that have been around for centuries.

You can sip coffee at the many cafes or savor the amazing cuisine at Lebanese restaurants. Lebanon is famous for its generous and delightful mezza and grill.

It would be a shame not to try the seafood in this Mediterranean country with a coast extending from the northern border to the southern border.

You hang out in the city, enjoy shopping, and admire the fascinating variety of new and old architectures, or go to parties and explore the Lebanese nightlife.

These pictures show that you don’t necessarily need to catch a flight to enjoy marvelous sights. You can have a staycation in Lebanon. Be a tourist in your own country!

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