Lebanon Introduced A New UN Resolution To Fight World Food Crisis

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On Monday, the United Nations (UN) general assembly adopted a resolution to alleviate the global food security crisis, with Lebanon being the motive for the draft resolution.

It was initiated to put draft ideas to a group of countries strategically selected to neutralize the consequences of the Ukrainian war on food security.

Lebanon’s representative to the UN, Amal Mudallali, presented the project at the UN general assembly (UNGA) while raising a bouquet of wheat, as a symbol to fight world hunger.

The resolution called on the international community to provide urgent support to countries affected by the world food crisis through coordinated action, including emergency food supplies and food programs.

The resolution introduced also called on member states to operate on agricultural food and materials supply chains, including the ability to sow grain, protect permanent crops, livestock farming, food processing infrastructure, and all logistics systems.

Additionally, to provide livestock and products necessary for agricultural production to be traded and transported to markets, stressing the need for the continued access to food, safety nets and social assistance in order to reduce the negative effects of livelihood loss and high food prices.

“The draft resolution is the result of an initiative from Lebanon and the active efforts and negotiations of a group of countries that realized the seriousness of the problem and decided to move for a solution,” Mudallali said in her speech.

“This resolution represents our aspiration to never see a child or a human being go hungry around the world […]. We came united in our purpose to say that we, the people of the UN, will work in solidarity to prevent hunger,” Amal Mudallali stated via her Twitter account.

Other countries also responded to Lebanon’s resolution, including Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Fiji, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, Qatar, Senegal, South Africa, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, USA, and Uruguay.

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Lebanon Introduced A New UN Resolution To Fight World Food Crisis

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