Lebanon Will Now Receive An Aid Of $29.5 Million From The United States


On Tuesday, the U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon, Dorothy Shea, announced in a statement that the United States will provide Lebanon with an aid of $29.5 million.

The aid comes as part of the United States initiative to help face the global food crisis with government funding of $2.76 billion through USAID.

Of the $29.5 million allocated to Lebanon, $15 million will come as monthly humanitarian assistance to around 300,000 Lebanese through the UN World Food Programme (WFP).

$14.5 million will come as development assistance to help the agriculture sector in Lebanon by supporting more than 10,000 Lebanese farmers and over 300 agro-food processors, which will increase the productivity of the sector, create jobs, and reduce imports.

Last week, the US embassy in Lebanon announced the launch of 35 energy projects that will provide power to 17 Lebanese villages and benefit over 100,000 people.

USAID allocated a budget of $30 million to fund the projects that will be done by Innovation For Affordable And Renewable Energy For All (INARA).

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