Lebanon Is On The Verge Of An Industrial ‘Disaster’

Lebanon Is On The Verge Of An Industrial 'Disaster'
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On top of the numerous challenges it’s facing, Lebanon is now on the verge of a major crisis involving its industrial sector.

The nationwide shortage of fuel and intensifying power cuts are taking their toll on Lebanese factories, which will soon be unable to keep their machinery running.

In that light, MP Michel Daher has warned of what he calls an “industrial and agricultural disaster” in case the fuel crisis doesn’t get resolved soon.

“The shortage of diesel fuel started two weeks ago,” Daher told Asharq Al-Awsat, noting that consumption has increased due to power outages.

“For a week, we haven’t been able to obtain diesel fuel, and the reserve is sufficient for 10 days, which will force us to close our factories in the middle of the next week,” Daher, the founder of Daher Foods, said.

The solution, according to the politician, lies in “lifting subsidies and controlling borders to prevent smuggling.”

Daher expressed concern that there might be “a plan” to destroy the industry sector in Lebanon, observing that “it’s as if there is a decision to destroy all sectors in the country.”

The fuel crisis has not only undermined factories’ ability to operate but also affected the state’s electricity supply and restricted the Lebanese people’s freedom of movement, as gas stations have adopted extreme rationing measures for refueling.

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