Lebanon Wants to Save its Beaches!

A nationwide call has been made to join hands in cleaning up our beaches and sea, and citizens are responding. On June 9th, the mass is taking to the beaches across Lebanon with the aim to bring back our sea coast to its former beauty and glory. 


Via Ministry of Environment

The Ministry of Environment has launched a massive campaign called ‘Save Our Face’, which actually translates into “Save Our Reputation” in Lebanese. Take a moment to think of all the times you’ve facepalmed yourself when something shameful or wrong has happened. That’s pretty much what this campaign is about, with a full focus on our beaches and sea. 

Via Saveourfacelebanon


Save Our Face is the largest ever beach-cleaning to be undertaken across Lebanon with the participation of the citizens. It is a collective endeavor bringing our people together in cleaning up our front yard to the world.

Via Bankmed

This unprecedented action will give the Lebanese citizens the opportunity to roll their sleeves up and make a significant change by volunteering to help clean the beach from all local wastes and all the souvenirs from countries abroad that landed on our coast. 


Henceforth, on June 9th, Lebanon’s biggest beach clean up will take place, allowing the locals not only clean sandy beaches to enjoy this summer but clean pretty looks to be proud of. 

Via Saveourfacelebanon

There has been more and more awareness in Lebanon about the importance of caring for our environment. Political figures and Lebanese citizens alike are showing concerns in that regard and implementing initiatives. Save our Face is one of these recent initiatives and it is being well received by the masses in Lebanon.


Social media has been booming with photos of people covering their face with their hand and captioning #saveourface. With the count down started to June 9th, more and more photos are being posted and shared, more and more people are talking about, and we can feel the excitement heightening.

June 9th promises to be not only a day of love in action to Lebanon but also a day of fun! 

Via Karine @emmelias


Locals are teaming up around 150 locations and are planning to reach water depths up to 25 meters, all in order to sustain our beautiful country. Across Lebanon, from North to South a change is being made, and many want to partake.

Via Himo El Rassi / Pinterest

It is indeed time to bring back our beaches to their initial beauty. They are our face to the world, let’s save it!