Lebanon Now Has A Wheelchair Taxi To Serve The Physically Handicapped

We underestimated how difficult the lives of disabled people with disabilities are. While we can call a cab to drive us anywhere, people restricted to wheelchairs need special cars to accommodate them. 

Unfortunately, Lebanon is not designed to serve people with disabilities. So their day-to-day ability to travel poses quite the challenge.

Charbel Daghfal was in a big car accident when he was 20 years old. Since then, life became challenging for him. He spent one year at the hospital. In 2003, he bought a car and redesigned it so that it serves his needs. In 2010, he bought another car that suited him better.

After that, Daghfal started to think about the possibility of having taxis that could serve people who have special needs. The cars would be designed in a way that would not cause discomfort to the passengers and make sure that the whole process is running as smoothly as possible.

When he first thought about this initiative, financial difficulties stopped him from turning this dream into a reality. In 2016, when a friend was talking about the difficulties that wheelchair users face while commuting, he started to think about the project again. If you need a new wheelchair check out these Folding Electric Wheelchair For Sale.

With determination and patience, Daghfal was able to launch his project called “Wheelchair Taxi in Lebanon”. In addition to that, he created a Facebook page. He received his first order in 2016. Daghfal thought that his project would only be able to serve the people in his area.

Little did he know that his project would expand. “Wheelchair Taxi in Lebanon” has currently 2 cars. The road safety NGO Kunhadi gave the drivers a training about road safety. They also received a medical training.

The drivers of “Wheelchair Taxi in Lebanon” are qualified to offer a smooth ride and to handle emergency cases. Daghfal highlights the importance of the independence that this project offers to physically disabled people.

One of his clients, George, felt the difference in his life when he started using this service. He says that he feels very comfortable using this taxi since the drivers take good care of him.

Let’s hope that his project will expand and cover all the areas in Lebanon!

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