Lebanon Will Finally Stop Flights from Iran, China, and South Korea


Since the Coronavirus entered Lebanon with the flight that arrived from Iran, the virus has been spreading at a rapid pace, resulting in 133 cases and 2 deaths.

The Prime Minister made an announcement that is, as some people would point out, a little bit too late: he ordered that all flights from Iran, China, and South Korea be stopped.

In his statement, Diab said: “Lebanon was among the first nations that took measures over the issue of the coronavirus and we followed up on all cases as some voices attacked the government, especially when we announced the closure of schools […].” 

He gave nationals, UNIFIL, and diplomats in France, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Germany, Spain, and the UK a 4-day deadline to come back to Lebanon.

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Via Naharnet

However, Lebanese nationals arriving from countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia can’t hope to fly back home to Lebanon as the two countries have suspended all flights.