Lebanon Will Have 2 Different Sets Of Fuel Prices Each Day


Due to the rapid fluctuation of the dollar exchange rate in Lebanon, there will reportedly be two sets of fuel prices issued each day.

The first will be at 9 am and will be based on the dollar exchange rate of the previous night. The second will be at 4 pm based on the current exchange rate of that day.

This comes as gas stations in Lebanon shut down yesterday and the heads of the syndicates called for the dollarization of the prices in order to keep up with the fluctuation.

The US Dollar to Lebanese Lira exchange rate continues to reach record lows.

As of this morning, the prices are as followed:

  • 95-octane gasoline: 1,039,000 LL
  • Gasoline 98 octane: 1,064,000 LL
  • Diesel: 1,089,000 LL
  • Gas: 664,000 LL

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