Lebanon Will Integrate Gender Equality Program in Public Schools’ Curriculum

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education – Center For Educational Research and Development (CRDB), signed a partnership agreement with ABAAD – Resource Centre for Gender Equality, to integrate a gender perspective in the future educational curricula in Lebanon.


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This agreement, which was signed by CERD director Dr. Nada Aouijan and ABAAD Director MS. Ghida Anani, aims to promote a culture of awareness for students from a gender perspective. It intends to integrate it in the public education curricula through social and educational awareness programs on various topics that concern the family, women, and children.

As part of this agreement, many activities are planned to be executed, targetting both students and families. Students will be enriched with knowledge on various related topics, such as social solidarity, serving the other, active citizenship, excellence, gender, etc.


As for the families, there will be specialized seminars that will tackle family issues, such as protecting women and children, positive parenting, electronic safety, and more. That in addition to tapping into the difficulties that may obstruct the process of the social, psychological, educational, and healthy development of their children.

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Speaking to a local media source, The Daily Star, Abaad director Ghida Anani described the new agreements as “pioneering” in Lebanon. She stated that it will help introduce the almost non-existent gender awareness and sexual education to public schools’ curricula.


The center and Abaad will start implementing this agreement in the next six months. They will work to prioritize the first steps for introducing the plan to all public schools across Lebanon.

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The Center for Educational Research and Development (CERD) is an independent public institution that was established by Decree #2356, on December 10th of 1971.


CERD is linked directly to the Minister of Education and Higher Education and aims at formulating educational policies, improving the quality of education in Lebanon, and keeping abreast of scientific progress, as well as technological and cultural development worldwide.