Lebanon Will Receive $3.5 Million Aid From South Korea


The South Korean government, through its embassy in Lebanon, announced its decision to contribute about $3.5 million to Lebanon through international organizations and non-governmental organizations.

This aid aims to support vulnerable Lebanese citizens and refugees residing in the country.

The Korean ambassador, Park Il, said in a statement: “Korea has always shown its solidarity with the Lebanese people.”

He pointed out that his country’s contributions aimed at mitigating the economic impact on Lebanon and meeting urgent needs.

“Korea has always been a consistent partner on the road to improving and strengthening vulnerable communities in Lebanon,” Park added.

The Korean Embassy explained that this support will include: medical and food support, strengthening local capacities by providing basic services, with a focus on solutions such as renewable energy, sustainable management of solid waste, and agricultural support.

This contribution comes in addition to Korea’s efforts to support peace and stability in southern Lebanon through UNIFIL’s Korean battalion, which is also working to increase the capacity of local institutions and communities.

The embassy affirmed that the new government of Korean President Yoon Sok-Yeol will adopt greater roles and responsibilities in advancing global peace and prosperity by strengthening development cooperation with countries around the world, including Lebanon.

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