What You Could Buy In Lebanon With 1,000 LBP Then v/s Now


Flashback to a couple of years back, when a small group of excited and unruly children would each, with a 1,000 LBP, run to the small local grocery shop to buy chocolate, ice cream, juice, chips, and you name it.

They would leave with a mountain of goodies to devour before resuming their hide and seek game.

Fast forward to 2020 and the same 1,000 LBP can barely buy a small bottle of water. With the devaluation of the Lebanese pound, scarcity of options has become the norm.

With that being said, here are some of what you could buy for 1,000 LBP before this crisis.

#1 Man’oush za’atar

The famous Lebanese Manaqish or Manakish used to be an affordable and delicious option for breakfast, appetizer, or even brunch!

Before all hell broke loose, the popular Lebanese food consisting of dough topped with thyme used to cost at almost every pastry store only 1,000 LBP.

Now the same Man’oushe costs a minimum 2,000 LBP, with some even charging more.

#2 Coca-Cola

The soft drink that brands itself as a reminder of the good times and warm feelings used to be an option for everyone because of its affordable price (1,000 LBP per drink). We drank Coca-Cola because simply put, we were able to.

Unfortunately, the international soft drinks company has permanently left Lebanon in 2020. The economic downfall of the country is mainly the biggest attribute to blame.

#3 Cedars cigarettes pack

Now call it a leisure activity, addiction, or whatnot. For most smokers, smoking is something they do as a form of enjoyment. However, with the inflation of prices that might not be the case anymore.

The local cigarette brand that was every broke smoker’s go-to option has, unfortunately, upped its cost. Several months ago, a pack of Cedars cigarettes was priced for only 1,000 LBP.

Now, if you’re going to smoke Cedars cigarettes, expect to pay around 4,500 LBP. Keep in mind 4,500 LBP is now the average price for the pack, but it varies widely, depending on the store you’re getting it from.

#4 Internet cafes

It’s a sad year for gamers all around Lebanon. Internet cafes, home for most digital game lovers, used to be an affordable venue for internet access charged by a time-based rate.

Most internet cafes used to charge 1,000 LBP per hr. Now, it’s practically impossible to find an internet café charging the same rate.

#5 Beirut Beer

The local beer, which has proven itself in a category that was once dominated by imported alcoholic beverages, was priced for only 750 LBP, even less than 1,000 LBP.

Unfortunately, the affordable and local beer option has become an extra expense instead of a sustainable option.

Now, Beirut Beer costs on average around 2,500 LBP, even more depending on the bar or liquor store.

#6 Bread

As food prices soar due to the economic crisis spiraling out of control, the price of bread in Lebanon has gone up for the first time in 10 years.

Nationwide, bread prices have gone from 1,000 LBP to 2,500 LBP. Let’s just say when economic experts label the current crisis as the worst threat to Lebanon’s stability since the civil war, they’re not joking.

#7 Unica

Say goodbye to the good old days when we were able to purchase 4 bars of Unica with just 1,000 LBP.

Unica, a delicate and light wafer produced by the local Lebanese business Ghandour, is known for its flavorsome taste and affordable price.

For years, it’s been sold for only 250 LBP, as cheap as it can get. Now, it’s sold for approximately 2,000 LBP.

#8 Lebanese traditional ka’ak

Finally, we’ll leave you reminiscing on the time we used to wake up to the sound of street vendors yelling “Ka’ak, Ka’ak” as they managed their cart on a bicycle, while the very known and loved Lebanese Ka’ak hangs from the cart.

The slit bread coated with either Zaatar or local cheese is a widely popular choice of food option because of its delightful taste and affordability. The famous traditional street food used to cost only 1,000 LBP.

Currently, the same street vendors have lost their enthusiasm to sell as their prices have increased to roughly 2,500 LBP.

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