Lebanese Women’s Basketball Team Advances To Division A For The First Time In 10 Years


With a huge win of 80-40, the Lebanese Women’s Basketball team won the FIBA Women’s Asia Cup competition for Division B.

The game took place on Saturday at the Prince Hamza Stadium in Amman, Jordan.

This victory not only means they won the championship, but it has also qualified them for the Division A Asia Cup in 2023.


This is the first time the Lebanese team qualifies for the Division A Asia cup in 10 years, the last time being in 2011. The team had previously placed 3rd in the 2017 Divison B Asia cup.

The team performed spectacularly throughout the championship, winning all their matches from the group phase all the way to the final.


During the final game, the Lebanese team had the lead in scores for 39 minutes out of the 40-minute duration of the game.

Rebecca Akl was the team’s top performer in this game, contributing to 22 points of the total points, as well as 6 assists.


The Lebanese team competing in the Division A team also means that they have a chance to compete in the next Olympics in Paris, France.

A huge step for the women’s basketball team, they will compete in 2023 with stronger teams, including Japan’s national team, which holds the silver medal from the last Olympics.

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Lebanese Women's Basketball Team Advances To Division A For The First Time In 10 Years

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