Lebanon Just Won The International Ski Championship!

Lebanon Just Won The International Ski Championship It Hosted
Lebanese Ski Federation

Lebanon has won the international Small Evolving Ski (SES) Nations Cup that it hosted in Bcharre over the weekend.

After winning a total of 20 medals (6 gold, 6 silver, and 8 bronze) over the three days of the championship, the Lebanese team was declared champion following the final races on Sunday.

Here are the results of the final men, women, and junior 1.2-km sprint races.

Photo credit: Lebanese Ski Federation


  1. Elie Tawk (Lebanon).
  2. Paul Keyrouz (Lebanon).
  3. Charbel Nehme (Lebanon).


  1. Maria Diaz (Argentina).
  2. Huguette Fakhry (Lebanon).
  3. Sasha Geagea (Lebanon).


  1. Mansour Geagea (Lebanon).
  2. Ibrahim Geagea (Lebanon).
  3. Serge Lazam (Lebanon).

Of the 8 remaining teams, Argentina came in second (3 medals), followed by Mexico (2 medals) and Colombia (2 medals).

The champions were crowned by the head of the Officers Club, Brig. Gen. Mazen Zahra (representing Lebanese Armed Forces Commander Gen. Joseph Aoun), alongside Lebanese Ski Federation President Freddy Keyrouz and club presidents and officials.

Keyrouz and Brig. Gen. Zahra presented the championship trophy to the Lebanese team, then Keyrouz handed a shield to Zahra as a token of appreciation, thanking Gen. Joseph Aoun for sponsoring the successful championship.

It’s worth noting that this victory comes 2 months after the Lebanese women’s team won first place in the SES Nations Cup in Kolasin, Montenegro.