Lebanon Just Won The Arab Basketball Championship For The First Time

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Lebanon has won, for the first time, the Arab Basketball Championship, beating Tunisia with a score of 72-69.

The Arab Basketball Championship, which 24th edition took place in the United Arab Emirates, saw a crowd of Lebanese people cheering for their national team.

Wael Arakji, a Lebanese basketball player, said that the winning was for “every Lebanese sitting at home without electricity, for every Lebanese struggling every day, this win is for you guys, we are trying our best to make you happy and proud”.

The Lebanese team worked in the last 4th half after leading by 3 points at the end of the 3rd half and managed to return to the game after the Tunisian players took control at the beginning of the last half.

In the 4th half, the referee ruled out Lebanese basketball Federation member Ghazi Boustani because of his objection.

The Tunisian team led by nine points 66-57, but the “Cedar” team reduced the difference to three points 65-68, and then to one point 67-68 before the end with 1:14 minutes left with two free throws by Wael Arakji.

Sergio darwish gave the Cedars a 69-68 lead with 50:7 seconds left on two free throws. darwish then scored two more throws that lifted the lead to 71-68, 18:5 seconds before the end.

People in Lebanon have cheered for this amazing win and described it as a good thing to happen to Lebanon amid their ongoing hardships with the crises.

This game also restored national pride for many in Lebanon and also restored their support for their national Basketball team.

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