Lebanon Won’t Be Included In Mega Trade Route Linking India & Europe


In a development that has left Lebanon on the sidelines, a crucial transportation project is forging ahead without its involvement.

This ambitious initiative establishes a sea link between India and the United Arab Emirates, followed by a land-based railway connection to Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, Jordan has opted for Israel’s Haifa port as its gateway to the Middle East before embarking on its journey to Europe.

The primary goal of this expansive venture is to optimize the flow of goods between Asia and the Middle East, with ambitions stretching all the way to Europe.

Additionally, it encompasses the transmission of renewable energy and clean hydrogen through intricate networks of cables and pipelines.

Regrettably, Lebanon finds itself conspicuously absent from this grand undertaking.

Analysts have been quick to dissect Lebanon’s exclusion, with many pointing to the country’s enduring political and economic turbulence as a significant deterrent to potential investors.

Further complicating matters, the United States, a key sponsor and financial backer of this project, is strategically aligning itself with Israel to bolster the latter’s economic prosperity.

The ramifications for Lebanon are considerable, as the country forfeits the opportunity to secure billions of dollars across various sectors, including trade, energy, and the digital economy.

These missed opportunities could have injected vitality into the nation’s economy and opened doors to a plethora of job prospects.

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