Lebanon’s Bar Associations Postponed Their Elections For Lack Of Quorum


The Bar Associations in Beirut and Tripoli have postponed their elections due to the lack of quorum.

The number of lawyers registered in Beirut’s Syndicate is 8,500, while the number of those who have paid their annual subscriptions and are entitled to vote is about 7,400.

However, only 4,500 usually vote during the elections.

In Beirut’s Syndicate, lawyers will elect a new captain and 9 members for the Syndicate Council.

Nine lawyers are nominated for the position of captain:

  • Nader Caspar,
  • Alexander Najjar,
  • Abdo Lahoud,
  • Moussa Khoury,
  • Ramzy Haikal,
  • Wajeeh Massaad,
  • Fadi Barakat,
  • Michel Eid,
  • Mtanios Eid.

Only four of these nominees have ever been elected to the Syndicate’s council: Caspar, Lahoud, Massaad, and Barakat.

Regarding the political support, the Lebanese Forces (LF) announced their support to Lahoud and the Kataeb party to Alexander Najjar.

Barakat, a member of the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM), has not yet received the movement’s support, and there is a tendency within the movement not to participate in the syndicate’s elections process.

The groups of the October 17 Revolution, including the current captain, Melhem Khalaf, have not yet made up their minds.

However, their circles confirm that they will not support Lahoud, who is backed by the LF, nor Barakat, who is affiliated with the FPM, nor Najjar, who is backed by the Kataeb Party, due to his alleged consistent support for banks and financial institutions.

As for supporting any of the other independent candidates, the October 17 groups haven’t yet taken a decision.

The Future Movement of Saad Hariri is witnessing a lack of a clear leadership decision to nominate or support any of the candidates, but the information says that its votes will be divided between Caspar, Lahoud, and Najjar.

Concerning the Bar Association’s Council election, the number of candidates is 30 lawyers.

In Tripoli’s Bar Association, the electoral process will take place to elect 4 members, including a captain to replace the current one.

There are 5 candidates for the position of captain:

  • Joseph Abdo, who is supported by the LF,
  • Marie-Thérèse Al-Qawwal, who is supported by the Marada Movement, Future Movement, and Al-Karama Movement,
  • Boutros Faddoul, who may receive support from the FPM and the Independence Movement, although nothing has been announced yet,
  • 2 independent candidates: Tony Khoury and Georges Jallad.

The elections for the membership of Tripoli’s Syndicate Council are contested by 8 candidates, and the alliances among them are still unclear.

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