Lebanon’s City Mall Just Closed Until Further Notice

Lebanon's City Mall Just Closed Until Further Notice

City Mall announced on Friday that it would close indefinitely due to the prolonged electricity cuts that are affecting its operations.

In a statement, the mall’s administration said that the decision is the result of the exceptional circumstances prevailing in Lebanon, including “one of its most difficult repercussions,” namely “the near-total outage of power that is supposed to be provided by Electricité du Liban.”

The power crisis has been exacerbated by the lack of fuel, especially diesel fuel, which is essential for City Mall’s private generators to function, the statement said.

“This is despite our relentless attempts to secure this substance, in addition to taking whatever precautionary measures we can to reduce as much as possible the repercussions of the aforementioned crisis with all its ramifications,” it added.

According to the statement, the decision is in line with Article 9 of City Mall’s internal system, which “permits the temporary closure of the commercial center in necessary and serious cases.”

The closure starts on Saturday, August 14th, and City Mall will resume its activities when electricity is available again “at the minimum required capacity.”

The crisis of electricity continues to aggravate in the country, forcing institutions to stop operating or restrict their operations to the minimum, including hospitals. That includes Al Makassed Hospital, which has just announced that it can no longer receive and treat patients.

Editor’s Note: 17/08/2021 – City Mall announced its reopening.

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