Lebanon’s First Bike Sharing System Launches in Beirut




Everything you need to know about the the bike sharing system

Bike 4 All is Lebanon’s bike sharing system who assembled the first station in downtown Beirut today. The plan is to develop another 25 stations to cover all of Beirut by the year 2020. This will include 500 bikes. The project is fully financed by the “Bike 4 All” company and the municipality of Beirut won’t have any financial burden. This is a great move to get people depending less on cars and hopefully reduce traffic. There are no details as to what the rates are but I’m sure it will be much more cost effective than owning a car. Hopefully, this will motivate the Beirut municipality to create bike lanes like Tripoli did. The way it works is that you can pick up a bike from one station, ride it to another station and leave it there. The BIXI bike sharing system in Montreal has The BIXI bike sharing system in Montreal has 24-hour rates at like $5 (USD) as well as seasonal ones. I assume the Beirut one will take the same path (no puns intended). The bikes are also equipped with glow in the dark and reflective material around the wheels so they will be visible to cars at night. It is exciting that Beirut is catching up to the other major cities in the world! The team is made up of Jawad Sbeity, Issam Kaskas, Wissam Shdeed, Gaby Tamer, and Hassan Ibrahim, Chadi Sawaya. As well as with the support of Judge Ziad Cbeib, governor of Beirut, and the Beirut municipality cabinet headed by Mr Jamal Itani.


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