Lebanon’s General Security Forces Just Celebrated Its 74th Anniversary

Lebanon just celebrated with pride the 74th anniversary of the Lebanese General Security Forces; a pride we hold for this vital institution that has been ensuring the safety of our citizens and homeland, as well as the respect and implementation of our laws. 


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The Lebanese General Security celebrated the anniversary of its establishment with the usual commemoratory ceremony. Nevertheless, this year the already pre-established script was changed.

A sea maneuver was implemented at the Port of Beirut to honor all the members of the General Security Forces. Lebanese officials complimented the institution and General Abbas Ibrahim for all the work they do for our country.


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Information Minister Jamal Jarrah also congratulated the General Security (G.S.) on its anniversary and thanked General Abbas Ibrahim for all the sacrifices that he and all the members have always endured, as well as for all their efforts to ensure that Lebanon always stands tall and strong no matter the challenges. All the other speakers wished the G.S. members continued success in their mission.

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Digging a little into the history of Lebanon General Security, one can see that the institution started actually long before the past 74 years. On the 5th of January 1921, a decree was issued, establishing Lebanon’s General Security under the name The First Office.

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It was only on the 27th of August of 1945 that the Ministry of Internal Affairs established the Directorate of the General Security, based in Beirut and under the control of a director reporting to the ministry.


The institution started growing with time and many other decrees were issued thereafter to make it what it is today.

The last decree, established on the 16th of December 1959, brought the General Directorate of the General Security to include, in addition to the already existing administration departments, the aerial and maritime or frontier departments. 

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You can always contact the General Security Forces for any safety concerns you might have. Its functions range from collecting simple information all the way to foreign services or even espionage. You can always find someone in the office on weekdays between 8 AM to 3 PM.

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