Lebanon’s Handball Team Just Got Qualified to the World Championship for the First Time!

As Lebanese people, we always have the desire to participate in world championships and to carry our beloved Lebanon with us.  The Lebanese women handball team under 20 just got what they desire as they bagged their first qualification to the Women’s Junior Handball World Championship in 2020, in Romania.


Via El Sport

Despite losing to Japan with 23-31 a few days ago, they got qualified to the semi-finals of the 15th Asian Women’s Junior Handball Championship held in Hatem Hall in Beirut.

As the group stage was over, Japan increased its points to 6 taking over the first place. Lebanon and Uzbekistan were at equal foot until Lebanon scored the second place, with Uzbekistan taking the third place. Meanwhile, India finished this stage with zero points and ranked fourth.


Via Al Markazia

In an interview with El Sport, President of the Lebanese Handball Federation Abdallah Ashour said, “This is a great achievement not only for the fans but for all Lebanon. We hope we can raise Lebanon’s name high.”

The Lebanese player Maya Barakat was as excited at the victory of her team, “This is a very merry victory for Lebanon. It is the first time that Lebanon reaches the World Championship. We are so glad to achieve this goal and make all Lebanon happy.”


Via El Sport

It is indeed a joy for the Lebanese people and even the government. Prime minister Saad Al Hariri went at once tweeting to the team, “Congratulations to the girls of the Lebanese handball team for getting qualified, for the first time, to the world championship. All Lebanon will be with you in Romania in 2020.”

Via Saad Hariri


Many other politicians and known Lebanese figures joined in expressing their happiness, congratulating the girls’ team for this great victory; among them, members of the parliament Dima Jamali and Michel Moawad.

Via El Sport

The961 is thrilled by this important achievement of our young handball champions, and we wish them a great win and all the best on the World Championship. Congratulations, girls! Go nail it! 

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