Lebanon’s Heavy Metal Scene Gets Political with a Song Calling To Rise

Lebanon’s revolution has given birth to numerous songs since its onset and has even inspired anthems, with big names such as Elissa, Karl Wolf, Massari, Dina Hayek, Walid Hallani, and smaller bands writing music about the demonstrations since October 2019. A new song has been circulating online since Sunday morning, and it’s actually quite a good listen.


Blaakyum is a Lebanese Metal band from Beirut, founded in 1995 by Bassem Deaibess. Blaakyum’s style is “a blend of Thrash, Heavy and Groove Metal infused with Middle Eastern and Levantine folk music”. The band’s first studio album, Lord of the Night, was released on Friday the 13th of January 2012.

Blaakyum released its second album, Line of Fear, on the 25th of June 2016. The band’s last tour started at the Tuska festival and continued with the “Thrash Mercenaries” Tour 2016, headed by Onslaught.

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Blaakyum was formed in the summer of 1995, five years after the end of the Lebanese Civil War, with original members: Bassem Deaibess (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Maroun Azar (Guitar/Harmonica), Jean Saad (Drums), and Jad Nohra (Lead Guitar).

Lebanon’s heavy metal scene has been quite the trailblazer on its own, often misunderstood and stigmatized by people with different tastes in music, and hopes of going to heaven (lol). But the band’s new song might just make the little metal head inside all of us a little excited. 

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Titled Destined to Rise, the anthem features some great lyrics, a catchy hook, and the video is quite a brilliant compilation. Funny enough, the song was written for the band’s album Line of Fear in 2015, during Lebanon’s last revolution (things in Lebanon are just sadly timeless). 

The description of the video reads: “Official Blaakyum music video of Destined to Rise from the Album Line oF Fear. Shot during the 17 October Revolution 2019 in Lebanon. One main theme in Blaakyum music has been about political and social corruption. The album Line of Fear was written and recorded during the 2015 Lebanese uprising.”


The song already has over 1,300 views on Youtube since yesterday. Although the band has undergone some changes in members and a small shift in style, they are still quite entertaining to listen to. If you are a fan of the band or heavy metal music, here is for you to check it out:

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