There Are 3 Weeks Left For Lebanon’s Prime Minister To Fulfill These Promises

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On February 11th, 2020, having newly set foot into the government, Prime Minister Hassan Diab made several grand promises to the people of the country on national television.

His promises were:

  • (1) Independence of the judicial system;
  • (2) Getting back Lebanon’s stolen money;
  • (3) Fighting against illicit wealth;
  • (4) Protecting the poor from taxes;
  • (5) Fighting against unemployment;
  • (6) Setting a new electoral law that emphasizes patriotic unity.

He hailed and praised the revolution of the people in his speech and claimed that he would complete these promises within 100 days. Was that too good to be true?

There are three weeks left for the issues to be tackled, and his promises to be accomplished, and none have been addressed yet.

Many activists are back now voicing online that they will hold him accountable to his word, particularly Meghterbin Mejtemiin representing the Lebanese diaspora.

Lately, Prime Minister Diab has gone after Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh, bluntly holding him responsible for the lost money. However, this still does not bring the money back nor does it offer solutions.

Moreover, the parliament recently held legislative sessions in which government officials voted against the very demands of the Lebanese revolution.

In addition to that, the sessions that were scheduled to take 3 days were wrapped up in 2, which tells of the degree of consideration given to the enduring crises the nation has been suffering from.

Protests re-erupted across Lebanon and this time they don’t come in peace.

Hasan Shaaban/Bloomberg

After their voices were blatantly disregarded by the government, the protesters realized that their efforts for a peaceful revolution were futile.

Today, demonstrations are becoming more and more violent as desperation increases.

Can prime minister Diab achieve in 3 weeks the promises he failed to tackle, let alone accomplish, in eighty days?

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There Are 3 Weeks Left For Lebanon's Prime Minister To Fulfill These Promises

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