Lebanon’s Shawarma Is Going Viral in The Philippines

If there’s one thing the Lebanese can agree on, it’s our love for food. We enjoy making it, we enjoy eating it, and we enjoy flaunting it. But what gives us the most joy is sharing it with the world. 


With that attitude at heart, a Lebanese-owned shawarma shop opened recently in Davao, Philippines, and it’s being all the buzz! Filipinos are flocking to Dani’s Palace Shawarma & Grill in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao.

Warning: This article is loaded with pictures of mouth-watering shawarma wraps. Proceed at your own risk.


And since we don’t mess around with things like our food, the Lebanese joint is even making its own saj bread! Because how else are you supposed to enjoy a decent shawarma wrap without saj bread?

Many Filipinos who used to work in the Middle East expressed their joy at the smart decision, remarking that it was long overdue.


While there exists debate over the exact origins of shawarma, it is a native to the Levant region, and the Lebanese people particularly pride themselves in making it and mastering its arts. Yes, it is an art.


And after having tried it for the first time at Dani’s, the poor souls who had lived their lives without shawarma took to Twitter to praise the garlic-y pieces of heaven, with one Filipino Tweep vowing to move to Danao for the Shawarma! We got you, man!

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People were even turned on to the ‘generous’ Lebanese creamy garlic (toum) supplies. Is there such a thing as ‘too much toum’?


Shawarma holds a place near and dear to every Lebanese’ heart. It is a respectable gift and, often times, an expression of love.

-“Shawarma extra garlic”


In more ways than one, shawarma has put us on ‘the map’, so to speak. It got us a spot on the World Atlas of Street Food, and it makes surprise appearances in different places around the world, like in a festival organized in its honor in Toronto, and in the end-credit scene of the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie.



Not only do we specialize in making it, we also love exporting our expertise and sharing this sizzling treat with the world. Because love is meant to be shared.

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