Lena and Fadi Gebran turned their tears into an NGO when they lost their son twelve years ago

Hadi Gebran left the world 12 years ago when he got into a car accident after leaving a party. 12 years later, Hadi is a symbol that constantly reminds us to drive safely. Forty days after the accident, Hadi’s family and friends turned their tears into an NGO called Kunhadi that promotes road safety. It has done an excellent job in reducing the number of car accidents and saving as many lives as possible.

The NGO organizes workshops in schools to teach kids about school bus safety, and the way in which they should behave in vehicles and on the road. It’s never too early to learn about road safety! Kunhadi also spreads the word to adults by raising awareness about the importance of staying focused while driving, wearing a helmet in case they are riding a motorcycle, wearing a seatbelt, and respecting traffic laws.

A few months ago, Kunhadi started


the staff at certain bars and restaurants to deal with drunken customers and encourage them to go home by taxi instead of driving. Also, the NGO regularly shares safe driving tips videos on social media which you can find


. On this day, we would like to remember Hadi and congratulate Kunhadi on its achievements. Most importantly, we would like to highlight the bravery of Hadi’s parents who are keeping their son’s memory alive by making sure other kids get home safe. Kudos to Lena and Fadi Gebran! Not all heroes wear capes.

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