Lebanese Forces Will Push No-Confidence Vote Against MP Who’s A Beirut Blast Suspect

Lebanese Forces MP Ghassan Hasbani revealed that the LF bloc will request a no-confidence vote for Minister of Finance Ali Hassan Khalil.

Khalil is one of the suspects in the Beirut Port Explosion and has an arrest warrant against him, which has not been executed yet.

Besides being a direct suspect, Khalil helped actively disrupt the Port Explosion investigations. He refused to sign the judicial appointments decree, which goes against constitutional laws.

Khalil is also sometimes described as Nabih Berri‘s right-hand man. He was sanctioned by the United States Treasury under the Magnitsky Act for “corruption” and “leveraging political power for financial gain.”

Hasbani added that his bloc directed a question at Khalil, and should he not respond, the no-confidence request will commence.

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