LibanPost Just Issued New Stamps In Honor Of Michel Chiha, The Father Of The Lebanese Constitution


On the occasion of Lebanon’s Independence Day, celebrated on November 22nd, a stamp in honor of Lebanese Michel Chiha was issued by LibanPost in coordination with the Ministry of Telecommunications and the Michel Chiha Foundation.

The quantity issued is 20,000 and the stamp face value is 30,000 LBP.

In addition, LibanPost is issuing a first-day cover numbered from 1 to 950 at a price of 90,000 LBP.

A Lebanese banker, politician, writer, and journalist, Michel Chiha is considered the father of the Lebanese Constitution.

His ideas have promoted freedom, independence, and democracy, shaping modern Lebanon.   

Lebanon’s postage stamps were first issued in 1919. They highlight the country’s history through significant personalities, events, and places, including Lebanese author Emily Nasrallah, designer Elie Saab, and more.

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