Libyan Minister of Justice Will Visit Lebanon To Discuss Moussa Sadr’s Disappearance

Al Arabiya

The Libyan Ministry of Justice is set to send a delegation to Beirut, aiming to reevaluate a 2014 memorandum concerning the disappearance of Lebanese Shiite cleric Imam Moussa Sadr in 1978.

This visit comes amidst ongoing discussions about Hannibal Gadhafi, son of Libya’s former leader Moammar Gadhafi, who is currently detained in Lebanon. Human Rights Watch recently urged Lebanon to release Gadhafi, citing unfounded charges for his eight-year detention.

However, Lebanese judicial sources maintain that Gadhafi’s detention is strictly judicial, linking him to his father’s regime and the disappearance of Imam Sadr.

The case continues to draw attention to Lebanon’s strained judicial system, especially regarding prolonged pre-trial detentions.

The upcoming visit by the Libyan delegation is expected to address these issues, with Lebanese officials insisting on cooperation from Libya to resolve the mystery of Sadr’s disappearance.

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