8 lies Lebanese parents tell their children

A typical Lebanese childhood involves eating kaak while drinking Bonjus and believing that the infamous Abou Kis would kidnap us if we misbehave.

“Babies come from cabbages.”

  *Science is canceled*

“If you keep misbehaving, Abou Kis will take you away.”

  You know how Abou Kis looks like and sounds like even though you’ve never met him. This lie worked the best. Chapeau bas.

“If you swallow watermelon seeds, a tree will grow inside your tummy.”

  How many times have you accidentally swallowed seeds and freaked out because a tree will grow inside your stomach?

“If you look down from the balcony, the devil will drag you down.”

  That was pure evil. However, it kept us safe.

“I know that because the 3asfoura told me.”

  We always imagined that a bird that has advanced stalking skills used to visit our mothers while we were at school and tell her everything about us. Now that you’re old enough, you know that this stalker is your



“Bad students study in the mice’s room.”

If a kid is not studying enough or is misbehaving, he/she will study in the mice’s room at school.

“I was the best student in my class.”

  It’s a way to motivate their children to study. Every Lebanese parent was the best in his/her class. Go figure out who’s lying and who’s not.

“If you cross your eyes and someone scares you, they’ll get stuck that way.”

  That’s a universal one!

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