You Can Now Meet Life-Sized Animals Up Close From Your Home Thanks to Google!

Photo Credit: Arun Jacob l Susi Donaldson

Why is seeing animals in augmented reality is better than normal pictures? Well, you can see more details, and you get to know your favorite wild animals better without going to the zoo… or the jungle. Plus, it is fun and easy to access!

You can now view several 3D animals in Google Search using Augmented Reality (AR). When you search for any animal, you’ll find this option at the top of the search.

It will show a Google Search Knowledge Panel that includes an explanation of what the animal is with pictures plus the sections “Meet a Life-Sized -Animal- Up Close”, “View in 3D” and “View in Your Space.”

You will have to give Google access to your camera so your device gets AR-enabled; then, POOF, lions are exploring your living room, scratching, sniffing, and moving around.

Your children will love it and will get to learn all about these 3D-model animals that Google selected for being rare or endangered species; nothing even nature lovers would find in their outdoor adventures.

You can bring all these amazing creatures into your own home and with a click of a button using your: Android Smartphone or Tablet: Android 7.0 or Higher with Pre-Installed Google Play Store, and iPhone/iPad: iOS 11.0 or Higher.

Almost all 3D animals are available on Google Search from domestic to wild, like a giant Cheetah, Dog, Bear, Duck, Horse, Lion, Racoon, Alligator, Shark, Octopus, Goat, Snake, Wolf, Panda, Penguin, different kinds of fish, etc. Did I mention that you can also take pictures next to these animals?

This is a great way for kids and even adults to spend quality, educational, and fun time during quarantines.

Getting engaged in this virtual activity will be a great pass-time and a great way for people of all ages to make the most of their lockdown. So go wild, have fun and discover different creatures and species with your family!

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