Here’s The Detailed List Of Who’s Running In The Lebanese Elections In 2022


The coming 2022 Elections in Lebanon are being celebrated as one of the highest youth-engaged elections in Lebanese political history.

The young candidates, along with noticeable politically-independent electoral lists and civil society presence, might be one of the perks of these promising elections.

It is also anticipated that Lebanon Elections 2022 will be branded as one of the most decisive and influential elections in Lebanese history, due to the high turnout in applying for candidateship, the intense civil engagement in politics, and the ability of the diaspora to vote from abroad.

Here is the full comprehensive list, which gives the best insight on new political voices rising in each district and alternative options for voting, in addition to the traditional and sectarian parties.

East Beirut:

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Levon Talvazian    Armenian OrthodoxBeirut Madinati
Nada Albert SehnaouiGreek CatholicBeirut Madinati
Tarek Ibrahim AmmarGreek OrthodoxBeirut Madinati
Pierre Boulos GemayelMaroniteBeirut Madinati
Jack Edward JandoMinoritiesBeirut Madinati
Charbel Maroun NahasGreek CatholicCapable
Mary Lynne JureidiniGreek OrthodoxCapable
Moussa Assad KhouryMaroniteCapable
Roy Jean IbrahimMinoritiesCapable
Brigette Gilbert ShalabianArmenian CatholicLi Watani
Diana Boughous OhanianArmenian OrthodoxLi Watani
Magi NanjianArmenian OrthodoxLi Watani
Paula YaacoubianArmenian OrthodoxLi Watani
Charles Raymond FakhouryGreek CatholicLi Watani
Ziad Raymond AbbasGreek OrthodoxLi Watani
Ziad Adel AbichakerMaroniteLi Watani
Cynthia Fadi ZarazeerMinoritiesLi Watani
Jean TalouzianArmenian CatholicSovereign Lebanon (Kataeb)
Annie SeferianArmenian OrthodoxSovereign Lebanon (Kataeb)
Leon SemrjianArmenian OrthodoxSovereign Lebanon (Kataeb)
Talar Leon MarkoussianArmenian OrthodoxSovereign Lebanon (Kataeb)
Najib Nicolas LianGreek CatholicSovereign Lebanon (Kataeb)
Asma Maria Assad AndraosGreek OrthodoxSovereign Lebanon (Kataeb)
Nadim Bashir GemayelMaroniteSovereign Lebanon (Kataeb)
Antoine SiryaniMinoritiesSovereign Lebanon (Kataeb)
Arm Sarkis MalianArmenian OrthodoxWe Are for Beirut (LF)
Jihad Kareem PakradouniArmenian OrthodoxWe Are for Beirut (LF)
Fadi Raymond NahasGreek CatholicWe Are for Beirut (LF)
Ghassan Shafiq HasbaniGreek OrthodoxWe Are for Beirut (LF)
George Joseph ShahwanMaroniteWe Are for Beirut (LF)
Elie Khalil ShreishiMinoritiesWe Are for Beirut (LF)
Serge Burj MalkonianArmenian CatholicWe Were & Will Remain in Beirut (FPM)
Alexandre Ibrahim MatossianArmenian OrthodoxWe Were & Will Remain in Beirut (FPM)
George Sarks JovalkianArmenian OrthodoxWe Were & Will Remain in Beirut (FPM)
Hagop TerzianArmenian OrthodoxWe Were & Will Remain in Beirut (FPM)
Nicolas SehnaouiGreek CatholicWe Were & Will Remain in Beirut (FPM)
Carla Labib BoutrosGreek OrthodoxWe Were & Will Remain in Beirut (FPM)
Elie Antoine AswadMaroniteWe Were & Will Remain in Beirut (FPM)
Chamoun ChamounMinoritiesWe Were & Will Remain in Beirut (FPM)

West Beirut:

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Faiysal Afif SayeghDruzeBeirut Confronts (Seniora & PSP)
George Fouad HaddadEvangelicalBeirut Confronts (Seniora & PSP)
Michel Dib FallahGreek OrthodoxBeirut Confronts (Seniora & PSP)
Ahmed Ibrahim AyyashShiaBeirut Confronts (Seniora & PSP)
Abdelrahman MbasharSunniBeirut Confronts (Seniora & PSP)
Bashir Mahmoud ItaniSunniBeirut Confronts (Seniora & PSP)
Khaled QabbaniSunniBeirut Confronts (Seniora & PSP)
Lina Omar TaneerSunniBeirut Confronts (Seniora & PSP)
Majid Mwaffaq DimashqiyehSunniBeirut Confronts (Seniora & PSP)
Zeina Ibrahim MasriSunniBeirut Confronts (Seniora & PSP)
Rima Hassib Abo ShakraDruzeBeirut Madinati
Maha Assad al-RasiEvangelicalBeirut Madinati
Paula Nicolas RabiyzGreek OrthodoxBeirut Madinati
Nahida Mohamad KhalilShiaBeirut Madinati
Faisal TemrawiSunniBeirut Madinati
Sarah Salim YassineSunniBeirut Madinati
Zeina Kamal MounzerDruze Beirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Omar DabbaghiEvangelicalBeirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Zeina Nabih MajdelaniGreek OrthodoxBeirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Lina Mohamad Ali HamdanShiaBeirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Olfat Hamza SabehShiaBeirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Abdellatif Riad ItaniSunni Beirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Fouad MakhzoumiSunni Beirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Hassan KashliSunni Beirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Kareem Fouad ShbagloSunni Beirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Mazen Fayez ShabaroSunni Beirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Nabil Ahmad Bassam NajjaSunni Beirut Needs a Heart (Makhzoumi)
Hani Anis el-AhmadiyyehDruze Beirut the Change
Nohad Salim YazbekEvangelical Beirut the Change
Melhem Emile KhalafGreek Orthodox Beirut the Change
Ali Kamel AbbasShiaBeirut the Change
Mahmoud Kamel FakihShiaBeirut the Change
Fatima Ahmed MushrifSunniBeirut the Change
Ibrahim Hassan MneimnehSunniBeirut the Change
Iman Wael TabbaraSunniBeirut the Change
Rashdi Adan QabbaniSunniBeirut the Change
Samah Hassan HalwaniSunniBeirut the Change
Waddah Ibrahim Sade SadekSunniBeirut the Change
Nassib Camille JawhariDruze Beirut United (FPM & Hezbollah)
Edgar Joseph TraboulsiEvangelical Beirut United (FPM & Hezbollah)
Rami MaaloufGreek Orthodox Beirut United (FPM & Hezbollah)
Amin SharriShia Beirut United (FPM & Hezbollah)
Mohamed KhawajaShia Beirut United (FPM & Hezbollah)
Abdallah Ghassan MatrajiSunni Beirut United (FPM & Hezbollah)
Almutassam Billah Fawzi AdhamSunni Beirut United (FPM & Hezbollah)
Maha Khalil ShatilaSunni Beirut United (FPM & Hezbollah)
Hadi Najib Adib HosniEvangelical Capable
Alexi Gibran HaddadGreek Orthodox Capable
Ali Rida Diana ShiranShia Capable
Mohamad NasserShia Capable
Omar Abdelnasr SabraSunni Capable
Waam Fawwaz DallalDruze Capable
Samir HalabiDruze So Beirut Stays
Dalal Halim RahbaniEvangelical So Beirut Stays
Nicolas Najib SabaGreek Orthodox So Beirut Stays
Ahmed Mukhtar KhaledSunni So Beirut Stays
Fouad Adel DeekSunni So Beirut Stays
lyad Mahmoud MerhiSunni So Beirut Stays
Khouloud Mawfig el-WattarSunni So Beirut Stays
Mohamed Eid Abdelgader ShehabSunni So Beirut Stays
Rasha Mohamad ItaniSunni So Beirut Stays
Wissam Abo FakhrDruze This is Beirut
Harotian Samuel KokozianEvangelical This is Beirut
Khalil Emile BrumanaGreek Orthodox This is Beirut
Haidar Hassan BazziShia This is Beirut
Hoda AassiShia This is Beirut
Imad Medhat el-HoutSunni This is Beirut
Mahmoud Mahieddine JamalSunni This is Beirut
Marwan Rafic SalamSunni This is Beirut
Mohamed Nabil Othman BadrSunni This is Beirut
Nabil ItaniSunni This is Beirut
Yusra Abdelhafiz TaneerSunni This is Beirut
lyad Hussain el-BannaDruze To Beirut
Mary Fadi JalkhEvangelical To Beirut
Jihad Ali HamoudShia To Beirut
Adan Khader TrablousiSunni To Beirut
Ahmad DabbaghSunni To Beirut
Khaled Ibrahim HankirSunni To Beirut
Mohamed Bilal Khalil ArabSunni To Beirut
Mohamed Nohad ArdromaliSunni To Beirut
Walid Bashir ItaniSunni To Beirut
Naim AyyashDruze Yes to Beirut
Ali Hassan FassaaiShiaYes to Beirut
Yassin Kassem FawazShiaYes to Beirut
Ayman Khader Ali MohamadSunni Yes to Beirut
Maya Saadeddine ShatilaSunni Yes to Beirut
Samer Mohamed Ghazi YahiaSunni Yes to Beirut

North I (Akkar):

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Haidar Zahreddine IssaAlawiteAkkar First (FPM)
Asaad Ramez DerghamGreek OrthodoxAkkar First (FPM)
Shakib Naim AbboudGreek OrthodoxAkkar First (FPM)
Jimmy George JabbourMaroniteAkkar First (FPM)
Hatem Khodr SaadeddineSunni Akkar First (FPM)
Karam Ahmad DaherSunni Akkar First (FPM)
Mohamed Yahya YahyaSunni Akkar First (FPM)
Nizar Hashem IbrahimAlawiteAkkar Revolts
Reine Simon SawanMaroniteAkkar Revolts
Abdelrazak Mahmoud KilaniSunni Akkar Revolts
Khaled Hassan DaherSunni Akkar Revolts
Muhammad MusulmaniSunni Akkar Revolts
Jinane Ahmad HamdanAlawite Akkar the Change
Loris Adib RaiiGreek Orthodox Akkar the Change
Wafa Camille GemayelGreek Orthodox Akkar the Change
Edgar Jose Tannous DaherMaronite Akkar the Change
Berri Askar el-AssaadSunni Akkar the Change
Khaled Mahmoud AlloushSunni Akkar the Change
Mohamad Kamel BadraSunni Akkar the Change
Mohsen Ahmad HusseinAlawite Awakening for Akkar
Haitham Elias ChebibGreek Orthodox Awakening for Akkar
Nafez Luftallah WaraqGreek Orthodox Awakening for Akkar
Tanios Khalil KhouryMaronite Awakening for Akkar
Mahmoud Khodr HadaraSunni Awakening for Akkar
Saadallah Mohieldin HamadSunni Awakening for Akkar
Wassim Ghandi MeraabiSunni Awakening for Akkar
Ahmad Ibrahim HadamAlawite Loyalty to Akkar
Elie Asaad SaadGreek Orthodox Loyalty to Akkar
Elie Hamid DibGreek Orthodox Loyalty to Akkar
Joseph Jibrael MikhaelMaronite Loyalty to Akkar
Ali TleisSunni Loyalty to Akkar
Ammar Saadallah RashidSunni Loyalty to Akkar
Haitham Mohamad EzzedineSunni Loyalty to Akkar
Ahmad RustomAlawite National Moderation
Julie HannaGreek Orthodox National Moderation
Sagih AttiehGreek Orthodox National Moderation
Hadi HobeicheMaronite National Moderation
Ibrahim MaasoumiSunniNational Moderation
Mohamad SleimanSunniNational Moderation
Walid BaariniSunniNational Moderation
Fawaz Mohamad MohamadAlawite The List of Akkar (LF)
Wissam Riad MansourGreek Orthodox The List of Akkar (LF)
Ziad Riad RahalGreek Orthodox The List of Akkar (LF)
Michel Antoine KhouryMaronite The List of Akkar (LF)
Khaled Mohamad DaherSunni The List of Akkar (LF)
Mohamad Ajaj IbrahimSunni The List of Akkar (LF)
Talal Khaled Bey MerhabiSunni The List of Akkar (LF)
Michel Gerges TaoumGreek Orthodox Towards Citizenship (Communists)
Nazih Afif IbrahimGreek Orthodox Towards Citizenship (Communists)
Ralph George DaherMaronite Towards Citizenship (Communists)
Ahmad Mustafa MustafaSunni Towards Citizenship (Communists)
Ghaith Khaled MahmoudSunni Towards Citizenship (Communists)
Roula Mohamad MradSunni Towards Citizenship (Communists)

North II (Tripoli-Minnieh-Dennieh):

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Raed Ali TabbaaSunni Ambition of the Youth
Omar Raafat MasriSunni Ambition of the Youth
Adan Ahmed BakourSunni Ambition of the Youth
Mahmoud Khedr el-MirSunni Ambition of the Youth
Mustafa Muhammad Kano HussainSunni Ambition of the Youth
Shafiq Muhammed HassounSunni Capable
Muhammad Mustafa ZreikaSunni Capable
Nidal AbderrahmanAlawite Capable
Mounir Maurice Constantine DoumaniGreek Orthodox Capable
Misbah Azami RajabSunni Capable
Obeida Naser TakritiSunni Capable
Muhammad Taha GebaraSunni Dawn of Change
Mohamad Ahmad AlameddineSunni Dawn of Change
Hisham Riad IbrahimAlawite Dawn of Change
Anthony Joseph EidMaronite Dawn of Change
Abdul Aziz Mahmoud Ghazi TartousiSunni Dawn of Change
Bilal Mohamad ShaabanSunni Dawn of Change
Rabieh Mohammed Saeed SibaiSunni Dawn of Change
Ali Ahmed Abdel AzizSunni For the People (PSP)
Baraa Assad HarmoushSunni For the People (PSP)
Kazem Saleh KhairSunni For the People (PSP)
Ali DarwishAlawite For the People (PSP)
Caesar Victor KhalatGreek Orthodox For the People (PSP)
Suleiman Jan ObeidMaronite For the People (PSP)
Abdelkarim Mohammed KabbaraSunni For the People (PSP)
Afra Muhammad EidSunni For the People (PSP)
Elissa Khalid YassenSunni For the People (PSP)
Jalal el-BakkarSunni For the People (PSP)
Wahib Ahmed TatarSunni For the People (PSP)
Abdul Aziz Ibrahim el-SamadSunni Lebanon Is Ours
Sami FatfatSunni Lebanon Is Ours
Ahmed Mahmoud Al-KhairSunni Lebanon Is Ours
Badr Hussein EidAlawite Lebanon Is Ours
Shaiban Fawad HeykalGreek Orthodox Lebanon Is Ours
Tony Ibrahim ShaheenMaronite Lebanon Is Ours
Ali AyoubiSunni Lebanon Is Ours
Fahad Hossam MogaddamSunni Lebanon Is Ours
Khaled Hmad MerhiSunni Lebanon Is Ours
Mustafa Muhammad Ismail AlloushSunni Lebanon Is Ours
Ruby Abdelrahman DalatiSunni Lebanon Is Ours
Ahmad Awad Awad KaramiSunni Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Bilal Hussein HarmoushSunni Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Othman AlameddineSunni Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Muhammad Abdul Hamid ChamsineAlawite Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Jamil Abboud AbboudGreek Orthodox Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Elias Fouad KhouryMaronite Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Amin Mohammed BashirSunni Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Ashraf Ahmed RifiSunni Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Fawzi Mohammed Ezzat el-FerriSunni Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Iman Essam DernaikaSunni Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Salah Ghassan MoqaddamSunni Rescue of a Nation (Rifi & LF)
Ghaleb Khader OsmanSunni Revolt for Justice and Sovereignty
Mohamed Noureddin Ahmed Ali KhalilSunni Revolt for Justice and Sovereignty
Haider Asif NasserAlawite Revolt for Justice and Sovereignty
Camille Samir MouraniMaronite Revolt for Justice and Sovereignty
Hind Mohammed SoufiSunni Revolt for Justice and Sovereignty
Malek Faisal MawlawiSunni Revolt for Justice and Sovereignty
Mustafa Mohammed Al-AwakSunni Revolt for Justice and Sovereignty
Ramy Saadallah FanjSunni Revolt for Justice and Sovereignty
Zakaria Ibrahim MesseikehSunni Revolt for Justice and Sovereignty
Abdel Kader ChamiSunni Stability and Development
Kamel Ali BakourSunni Stability and Development
Fadi Malik KhairSunni Stability and Development
Saleh Wahib Al-DeebAlawite Stability and Development
Michel Majid KhouryMaronite Stability and Development
Basil Haitham OstaSunniStability and Development
Dima Maan DennaouiSunniStability and Development
Mayez Assad al-JundiSunniStability and Development
Susan Muhamad Rashid KsahaSunniStability and Development
Yunis Mohammed HassanSunniStability and Development
Jihad Murshid Al-SamadSunni The People’s Will
Nibras Bashir AlameddineSunni The People’s Will
Muhammad Ahmad TraboulsiAlawite The People’s Will
Rafli Antoine DiabGreek Orthodox The People’s Will
George Edmond ShabtiniMaronite The People’s Will
Ahmad Abdelqader AminSunni The People’s Will
Ali Hassan NoorSunni The People’s Will
Faisal Omar KaramiSunni The People’s Will
Rami Mohamad AssoumSunni The People’s Will
Taha Ateft NajiSunni The People’s Will
Mahmoud Ahmed el-SayedSunni The Real Change
Samir Ahmed TalebSunni The Real Change
Mohamed Seif El-Din DahabiSunni The Real Change
Firas Ahmad SalloumAlawite The Real Change
Mtanios Issa Nicolas MahfouzGreek Orthodox The Real Change
Paul Hanna HamodMaronite The Real Change
Ahmed Abdel Wahab Al MarjSunni The Real Change
Azzam Asaad AyoubiSunni The Real Change
Farah Ali Al-HaddadSunni The Real Change
lhab MatarSunni The Real Change
Zein Khaled MustafaSunni The Real Change
Nazih Nafdh ZawadSunni The Third Republic
Muhammad Omar ZureikaSunni The Third Republic
Ahmed Ali AliAlawite The Third Republic
Farid Antoine DawraGreek Orthodox The Third Republic
Janet Youssef FrangiehMaronite The Third Republic
Abdel Rahim Salem DerghamSunni The Third Republic
Diala Khader OstaSunni The Third Republic
Doha Mohamed AhmadSunni The Third Republic
Omar HarfoucheSunni The Third Republic

North III (Bcharre-Zgharta-Batroun-Koura):

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Myrna Charbel Khoury HannaMaronite Awaken Your Voice
George Badawi ButrosMaronite Awaken Your Voice
Bassam Nadim GhantousGreek Orthodox Awaken Your Voice
Mousa Nicholas LoukaGreek Orthodox Awaken Your Voice
Antoine Youssef YammineMaronite Awaken Your Voice
Layal Bou MoussaMaroniteShamaluna
Rabih Girgis ShaarMaroniteShamaluna
Kozhaya Elias SassineMaronite Shamaluna
Riad TawkMaronite Shamaluna
Fadwa NassifGreek Orthodox Shamaluna
Jihad Nasr FarahGreek Orthodox Shamaluna
Simon Khalil BachawatiGreek OthodoxShamaluna
Chaden Elias DaifMaroniteShamaluna
Gistelle SemaanMaronite Shamaluna
Michel Chawki DouaihyMaronite Shamaluna
Joelle Michelle HoweikMaroniteThe North of Confrontation (Kataeb)
Majd HarbMaroniteThe North of Confrontation (Kataeb)
Rachid Najib RahmehMaroniteThe North of Confrontation (Kataeb)
Adib Jerjes AbdelmassihGreek OthodoxThe North of Confrontation (Kataeb)
Bridgette Benjamin KhayrGreek OthodoxThe North of Confrontation (Kataeb)
Emile Rashad FayadGreek OthodoxThe North of Confrontation (Kataeb)
Jawad BoulosMaroniteThe North of Confrontation (Kataeb)
Michel Rene MoawwadMaroniteThe North of Confrontation (Kataeb)
Tony Elias MardiniMaroniteThe North of Confrontation (Kataeb)
Ghayath YazbechMaroniteThe Pulse of the Strong Republic (LF)
Layal Toni NehmeMaronite The Pulse of the Strong Republic (LF)
Joseph IshacMaronite The Pulse of the Strong Republic (LF)
Sethrida Tawk GeageaMaronite The Pulse of the Strong Republic (LF)
Fadi KaramGreek Orthodox The Pulse of the Strong Republic (LF)
Rami Iskander SaloumGreek Orthodox The Pulse of the Strong Republic (LF)
Sami Habib RihanaGreek Orthodox The Pulse of the Strong Republic (LF)
Fouad Chamel BoulosMaronite The Pulse of the Strong Republic (LF)
Maguy Antoine TobiaMaronite The Pulse of the Strong Republic (LF)
Mikhael Sarks DouaihyMaronite The Pulse of the Strong Republic (LF)
Joseph NajmMaronite Unity of the North (Marada)
William Gibran TawkMaronite Unity of the North (Marada)
Roy Issa KhouryMaronite Unity of the North (Marada)
Fadi Michel GhosnGreek Orthodox Unity of the North (Marada)
Salim SaadehGreek Orthodox Unity of the North (Marada)
Carole Edmond DahdahMaronite Unity of the North (Marada)
Estefan Boutros DouaihyMaronite Unity of the North (Marada)
Tony Sleiman FrangiehMaronite Unity of the North (Marada)
Jean Anton KhayrallahMaronite We Can Change (Communists)
Marie-Jo Michel MatarMaronite We Can Change (Communists)
Anis Fawzi NehmeGreek Orthodox We Can Change (Communists)
Bassem Michel SneiGreek Orthodox We Can Change (Communists)
Zeina Abdallah NabtisGreek Orthodox We Can Change (Communists)
Maroun Antonios MahfoudMaronite We Can Change (Communists)
Gebran BasilMaronite We Will Stay Here (FPM)
Walid Gigis HarbMaronite We Will Stay Here (FPM)
Toni George MataMaronite We Will Stay Here (FPM)
George Nehme AtallahGreek Orthodox We Will Stay Here (FPM)
Ghassan Tawfik KaramGreek Orthodox We Will Stay Here (FPM)
Walid Girgis AzarGreek Orthodox We Will Stay Here (FPM)
Pierre Gerges RaffoulMaronite We Will Stay Here (FPM)

South I (Saida-Jezzine):

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Elie Yousef AboutasMaronite Capable
Emilio Tony MatarMaronite Capable
Ahmad Mohamad Walid al-AssiSunni Capable
Ismail Mohamad Dib HafoudaSunni Capable
Yousef Hanna SkaffGreek Catholic Moderation Is our Strength (Amal)
Ibrahim Samir AzarMaronite Moderation Is our Strength (Amal)
Nabil Mahmoud Eizel Dine ZaatariSunni Moderation Is our Strength (Amal)
Ghada Khalil AyoubGreek Catholic Our Unity in Saida and Jezzine
Saaed Sleiman AsmarMaronite Our Unity in Saida and Jezzine
Wissam Yousef al-TawilMaronite Our Unity in Saida and Jezzine
Yousef Mohamad al-NakibSunni Our Unity in Saida and Jezzine
Joseph Milad Milade Yousef MitriGreek Catholic The Voice of Change
Mohamad Ali Jamil TahraSunni The Voice of Change
Rana Walid El TawilSunni The Voice of Change
Salim Antoine KhouryGreek Catholic Together for Saida and Jezzine (FPM)
Amal Hekmat Abou ZeidMaronite Together for Saida and Jezzine (FPM)
Ziad Michel AswadMaronite Together for Saida and Jezzine (FPM)
Ali Sadek al-Shaikh AmmarSunni Together for Saida and Jezzine (FPM)
Mohamad Shakir Soheil KawwasSunni Together for Saida and Jezzine (FPM)
Jamil Iskandar DagherGreek Catholic We Are the Change (Kataeb)
Robert Elias al-KhouryGreek Catholic We Are the Change (Kataeb)
Charbel Maroun MasaadMaronite We Are the Change (Kataeb)
Joseph Elias AsmarMaronite We Are the Change (Kataeb)
Kamil Farid SerhalMaronite We Are the Change (Kataeb)
Sleiman Elias MalekMaronite We Are the Change (Kataeb)
Abdel Rahman BizriSunni We Are the Change (Kataeb)
Hania Hani ZaatariSunni We Are the Change (Kataeb)
Mohamad Fadi ZarifSunni We Are the Change (Kataeb)
Osama Maarouf SaadSunni We Are the Change (Kataeb)

South II (Zahrany-Sur):

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Ali KhreisShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Hassan Mohamad Ali EzzeddineShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Hussein Said JashiShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Inaya EzzedineShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Michel Hanna MoussaGreek Catholic Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Ali Adel OsseiranShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Nabih BerriShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Daoud Ali FarajShia The Free Decision (LF & Communists)
Kassem Sleiman DaoudShia The Free Decision (LF & Communists)
Robert Elias KanaanGreek Catholic The Free Decision (LF & Communists)
Boushra Ayoub al-KhalilShia The Inclusive State
Hassan Ahmad Hassan KhalilShia The Inclusive State
Riad Said al-AsaadShia The Inclusive State
Yousef Mostafa KhalifehShia The Inclusive State
Hatem HalawiShia Together for Change (Communists)
Mohamad Yousef AyoubShia Together for Change (Communists)
Roua Bachir FaresShia Together for Change (Communists)
Sarah Ali SweidanShia Together for Change (Communists)
Hicham Boulos HayekGreek Catholic Together for Change (Communists)
Ali Mohamad KhalifehShia Together for Change (Communists)
Ayman Mohamoud MrouweShia Together for Change (Communists)

South III (Marjaayoun-Nabatieh-Hasbaya-Bint Jbeil):

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Ashraf Nazi Hachem BeydounShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Ayoub Fahed HmayedShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Hassan Nizam al-Dine FadlallahShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Marwan Salim KheireddineDruze Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Assad HardanGreek Orthodox Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Ali FayadShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Ali Hassan KhalilShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Kassem HachemSunni Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Hani KobeissyShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Muhammad RaadShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Nasser Fawzi JaberShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Ali Ahmad MradShia Together Towards Change (Communists)
Hassan Adel Jaber BazziShia Together Towards Change (Communists)
Khalil Hassan DeebShia Together Towards Change (Communists)
Firas Ismail HamdanDruze Together Towards Change (Communists)
Elias Faris JaradehGreek Orthodox Together Towards Change (Communists)
Ibrahim Mahmoud AbdallahShia Together Towards Change (Communists)
Nizar Ibrahim RammalShia Together Towards Change (Communists)
Mohamed Abdellatif QaadaanSunni Together Towards Change (Communists)
Ali Hassan WehbeShia Together Towards Change (Communists)
Wafic Khader RihanShia Together Towards Change (Communists)
Wassim Fouad GhandourShia Together Towards Change (Communists)
Hussein Jihad al-ShaerShia Voice of the South
Karim Ali HamdanDruze Voice of the South
Abbas Mohmad SharfeddineShia Voice of the South
Riad Hussein IssaSunni Voice of the South
Mahmoud Hasan SheaibShia Voice of the South

Bekaa I (Zahle):

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Petra Khalil Samaha        Greek CatholicCapable of Confrontation
Rami Roukos Abou EidGreek CatholicCapable of Confrontation
Ghassan Abdo HmaimesMaroniteCapable of Confrontation
Rania Shehadeh el-MaisSunniCapable of Confrontation
Leena Manouk KoukjianArmenian OrthodoxChange
Khalil Nabih YounesGreek CatholicChange
Tanios Nasri KhouryMaroniteChange
Hussein Abdullah el-KhatibShiaChange
Rida el-MeisSunniChange
Martine Andre DemergianArmenian Orthodox Independent Sovereignists (Kataeb)
Michel George DaherGreek CatholicIndependent Sovereignists (Kataeb)
Youssef Michel QaraouniGreek OrthodoxIndependent Sovereignists (Kataeb)
Samir Antoine SaderMaroniteIndependent Sovereignists (Kataeb)
Fares Abu HamdanShia Independent Sovereignists (Kataeb)
Omar HalablabSunniIndependent Sovereignists (Kataeb)
Fouad Saeed KhouryGreek CatholicSpeech and Action
Omar Khayyam Ghassan MaaloufGreek OrthodoxSpeech and Action
Imad Samir ChamounMaroniteSpeech and Action
Ali Hosni MahdiShiaSpeech and Action
Samar Abdel Razak AdhamSunniSpeech and Action
Narek Banous AbrahimianArmenian OrthodoxThe Popular Bloc
Miriam Gibran Tawk SkaffGreek CatholicThe Popular Bloc
Sami Fawzi NabhanGreek OrthodoxThe Popular Bloc
Maroun Sassine MakhoulMaroniteThe Popular Bloc
Fawzat Diab DalloulShiaThe Popular Bloc
Mohamed HamoudSunni The Popular Bloc
Armen George IsfahaniArmenian OrthodoxZahle Revolts
Jihad Nadra TurkGreek CatholicZahle Revolts
Eid Elias AzarGreek OrthodoxZahle Revolts
Ammar Mohamad SaboriShiaZahle Revolts
Hamza Ghazi MitaSunniZahle Revolts
George BoujikianArmenian OrthodoxZahle the Message (FPM & Hezbollah)
Rabih Wahib Assi        Greek CatholicZahle the Message (FPM & Hezbollah)
Antoine Selim ShaqyehGreek OrthodoxZahle the Message (FPM & Hezbollah)
Salim George AounMaroniteZahle the Message (FPM & Hezbollah)
Rami Abu HamdanShiaZahle the Message (FPM & Hezbollah)
Hussein Deeb SalehSunniZahle the Message (FPM & Hezbollah)
Pierre Sarkis DemirjianArmenian OrthodoxZahle the Sovereign (LF)
George Elie OkeisGreek Catholic Zahle the Sovereign (LF)
Sabine Pierre KassoufGreek Catholic Zahle the Sovereign (LF)
Elias Andre EstefanGreek OrthodoxZahle the Sovereign (LF)
Michel Roux TannouryMaroniteZahle the Sovereign (LF)
Dima Hussein Abu DayhShiaZahle the Sovereign (LF)
Bilal Melhem Al HashimiSunni Zahle the Sovereign (LF)

Bekaa II (West Bekaa & Rachayya):

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Tarek Salim DaoudDruze A Better Tomorrow (Etihad & FPM)
Elie Ferzli Greek Orthodox A Better Tomorrow (Etihad & FPM)
Charbel Camille MarounMaronite A Better Tomorrow (Etihad & FPM)
Qablan Abdel Moneim QabalanShia A Better Tomorrow (Etihad & FPM)
Hassan Abdel Rahim MradSunniA Better Tomorrow (Etihad & FPM)
Maguy Aref MhannaDruzeCapable
Ghada George GhanemMaroniteCapable
Farah Riad KassemShiaCapable
Osama Saad Abu ZeidSunniCapable
George AbboudGreek OrthodoxOur Bekaa First
Dany KhaterMaronite Our Bekaa First (LF)
Ghinwa Hassin AsaadShiaOur Bekaa First
Khaled Mohammed el-AskarSunni Our Bekaa First
Mohammed Hassin QadouraSunniOur Bekaa First
Bahaa El Din Hussein DallalDruzeSahlouna Wal Jabal
Sally Fawzy ShamiaGreek OrthodoxSahlouna Wal Jabal
Maggy Badi’ AounMaronite Sahlouna Wal Jabal
Hatem Hassane el-KhashenShiaSahlouna Wal Jabal
Yasin Ahmed YasinSunniSahlouna Wal Jabal
Wael Wehbe Abu FaourDruze The National Decision (PSP)
Ghassan Suleiman SkaffGreek OrthodoxThe National Decision (PSP)
Jihad Melhem ZarzourMaroniteThe National Decision (PSP)
Abbas Mohammed EidiShiaThe National Decision (PSP)
Ali Mohammed Abu YassinSunniThe National Decision (PSP)
Mohammed Qassem QarawiSunniThe National Decision (PSP)
Chawki Farid Abu GhoshDruzeTowards Change (Kataeb)
Guita Dawoud OjeilMaroniteTowards Change (Kataeb)
Alaeddine Omar ShemaliSunniTowards Change (Kataeb)
Amer Mohammed QadouraSunniTowards Change (Kataeb)

Bekaa III (Baalbek-Hermel):

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Elie Mawsouf BitarGreek CatholicBuilding the State (LF)
Antoine HabshiMaroniteBuilding the State (LF)
Abbas Hassin Al – JawhriShiaBuilding the State (LF)
Heymen Abbas McheikShiaBuilding the State (LF)
Hussein Ali RaadShiaBuilding the State (LF)
Rachid Ali IssaShiaBuilding the State (LF)
Ramez Nasser AmhazShiaBuilding the State (LF)
Rifaat Nayef al MasryShiaBuilding the State (LF)
Saleh Mohammed el-ShallShiaBuilding the State (LF)
Zidane Mohammed HojeiriShiaBuilding the State (LF)
Michel George MhannaGreek CatholicCapable
Daher Sadek AmhazShiaCapable
Mohamed Hassin JabbawiShiaCapable
Sarah Mansour ZaiterShiaCapable
Samer Asaad el-TomGreek CatholicHope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Aaqid Hanna HadshetiMaroniteHope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Ali Al-MiqdadShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Ghazi Zeaitar        Shia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Hussein Hajj HassanShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Ibrahim Al-MoussawiShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Ihab HamadehShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Jamil Mohammed al-SayedShia Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Melhem Mohammed HojeiriSunni Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Yanal Mohammed SolhSunni Hope and Loyalty (Amal & Hezbollah)
Abdullah Faraj AadGreek CatholicIndependents Against Corruption
Chawki Tannous FakhryMaroniteIndependents Against Corruption
Al-Sayed Ahmed Al-Sayed ShakerShia Independents Against Corruption
Hani ShamasShia Independents Against Corruption
Hassan Tawfik MazloumShia Independents Against Corruption
Hussein Ali DarwishShia Independents Against Corruption
Imad NasreddineShia Independents Against Corruption
Ahmed Shehadeh CarnabySunniIndependents Against Corruption
Ali Abdel HamidSunniIndependents Against Corruption
Talal MakdisiGreek Catholic The Coalition for Change
Yousef Melhem FakhryMaroniteThe Coalition for Change
Abbas Mohammed YaghiShia The Coalition for Change
Ali Hussein Abi RaadShia The Coalition for Change
Osama ChamasShia The Coalition for Change
Sami Medhat ToufayliShia The Coalition for Change
Sharif Samir SleimanShia The Coalition for Change
Khaled Ali SolhSunniThe Coalition for Change
Mohamed Mahmoud HojeiriSunniThe Coalition for Change
Hassan Mohamed MasryShiaTribes and Families for Development
Medhat Rushdie ZeaiterShiaTribes and Families for Development
Mohammed Deeb Haidar OsmanShiaTribes and Families for Development
Shahrazd Ali HamiyehShiaTribes and Families for Development
Ali Kleib el-MawlaSunni Tribes and Families for Development
Mohammed Ahmed FlitiSunni Tribes and Families for Development

Mount Lebanon I (Jbeil & Keserwan):

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Dominique Bolous TarabayMaronite Capable
Farah Kamel NasserShiaCapable
Boutros Elias KhalilMaronite Capable
Charbel Adel FreihaMaronite Capable
Assad Salim RashdanMaroniteFreedom is a Choice
Fares Antoine SouaidMaroniteFreedom is a Choice
Mashhur Hasan Haidar AhmadShia Freedom is a Choice
Bahjat Antoine SalamehMaroniteFreedom is a Choice
Mansour Fowad Ghanem el-BonMaroniteFreedom is a Choice
Moussa Mansour ZgheibMaroniteFreedom is a Choice
Najwa Victor BassilMaroniteThe Cry of a Nation (Kataeb)
Nawfal Yousef NawfalMaroniteThe Cry of a Nation (Kataeb)
Amir MiqdadShia The Cry of a Nation (Kataeb)
Josephine ZgheibMaroniteThe Cry of a Nation (Kataeb)
Julie DakkacheMaroniteThe Cry of a Nation (Kataeb)
Neemat FremMaroniteThe Cry of a Nation (Kataeb)
Salim SayeghMaroniteThe Cry of a Nation (Kataeb)
Wajdi TabetMaroniteThe Cry of a Nation (Kataeb)
Emile NawfalMaroniteThe Heart of Independent Lebanon
Tony Youssef Khayrallah        MaroniteThe Heart of Independent Lebanon
Ahmad Hani MiqdadShia The Heart of Independent Lebanon
Chamel Rachid RoukouzMaroniteThe Heart of Independent Lebanon
Farid Jean Heiykal KhazenMaroniteThe Heart of Independent Lebanon
Salim Samir HaniMaroniteThe Heart of Independent Lebanon
Shaker Elias SalamehMaroniteThe Heart of Independent Lebanon
Toufic Jean SalloumMaroniteThe Heart of Independent Lebanon
Ghassan Ghazi Yousef GermanousMaroniteWe Are the Change
Rania Victor BassilMaroniteWe Are the Change
Talal MiqdadShia We Are the Change
Simon Habib SfeirMaroniteWe Are the Change
Zeina KallabMaroniteWe Are the Change
Simon Farid Abi RamiaMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)
Walid Najib KhouryMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)
Raed BerroShia We Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)
Imad Charbel AzarMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)
Nada BoustanyMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)
Rabih Moussa ZgheibMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)
Toni Wehbe KaridiMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)
Wassim Ramah SalamehMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)
Habib Butrous BarakatMaroniteWith You, We Can Until the End
Ziad HawatMaroniteWith You, We Can Until the End
Mahmoud AwwadShia With You, We Can Until the End
Antoine Zakhia SfeirMaroniteWith You, We Can Until the End
Chawki DaccacheMaroniteWith You, We Can Until the End
Joe Sami RaidiMaroniteWith You, We Can Until the End
Karen Patrice Raymond BustaniMaroniteWith You, We Can Until the End
Shadi Nasrallah FayyadMaroniteWith You, We Can Until the End

Mount Lebanon II (Metn):

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Gregor Joseph MardikianArmenian Orthodox Metn the Change (Kataeb)
Rima Fouad NoujaimGreek Catholic Metn the Change (Kataeb)
Samir Michel SalibaGreek OrthodoxMetn the Change (Kataeb)
Elias HankachMaroniteMetn the Change (Kataeb)
Mona SukkarMaroniteMetn the Change (Kataeb)
Samy GemayelMaroniteMetn the Change (Kataeb)
Simon Bou FadelMaroniteMetn the Change (Kataeb)
Shant Harand SarafianArmenian OrthodoxSovereigntists of the Metn
Alfred Emile RiachiGreek CatholicSovereigntists of the Metn
Shadi Joseph BecharaGreek Orthodox Sovereigntists of the Metn
Paul NakouziMaroniteSovereigntists of the Metn
Romanos RaadMaroniteSovereigntists of the Metn
Wael Richard SaqrMaroniteSovereigntists of the Metn
Ara Rafi BardakjianArmenian Orthodox The Free Metn (LF)
Melhem RiachiGreek CatholicThe Free Metn (LF)
Hani SalibaGreek OrthodoxThe Free Metn (LF)
Farid ZeinounMaroniteThe Free Metn (LF)
Rachid Khalil Abou JaoudeMaroniteThe Free Metn (LF)
Razi al-HajjMaroniteThe Free Metn (LF)
Salim Ibrahim JalkhMaroniteThe Free Metn (LF)
Hagop Ohannes PakradounianArmenian OrthodoxTogether We Are Stronger
Lea Michel Bou ShayaGreek CatholicTogether We Are Stronger
Joyce Edmond JamalGreek Orthodox         Together We Are Stronger
Michel MurrGreek Orthodox         Together We Are Stronger
Antoine KhalilMaroniteTogether We Are Stronger
Maroun George RizkallahMaroniteTogether We Are Stronger
Maroun Pharaoun Abou DiwanMaroniteTogether We Are Stronger
Randa Abdallah AbboudMaroniteTogether We Are Stronger
Lucien Gerges Bou RjeiliGreek CatholicTowards the State
Shaden MaaloufGreek OrthodoxTowards the State
Jad GhosnMaroniteTowards the State
Miriam JaberMaroniteTowards the State
Verena Rashad AmelMaroniteTowards the State
Ricardo MalakianArmenian OrthodoxWe Were and Will Remain for Metn (FPM)
Edgar MaaloufGreek CatholicWe Were and Will Remain for Metn (FPM)
Elias Bou SaabGreek OrthodoxWe Were and Will Remain for Metn (FPM)
Ibrahim KanaanMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain for Metn (FPM)
Nasri Bek Nasri LahoudMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain for Metn (FPM)

Mount Lebanon III (Baabda):

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Jean Abi YounesMaronite Baabda Revolts (Kataeb)
Khalil Amin HelouMaronite Baabda Revolts (Kataeb)
Naim AounMaronite Baabda Revolts (Kataeb)
Ramzi Rustom KanjShiaBaabda Revolts (Kataeb)
Hadi Rafic Abou el-HassanDruze Baabda Sovereignty and Decision (LF & PSP)
Alexander Tanious KaramMaroniteBaabda Sovereignty and Decision (LF & PSP)
Dory ChamounMaroniteBaabda Sovereignty and Decision (LF & PSP)
Pierre Bou AssiMaroniteBaabda Sovereignty and Decision (LF & PSP)
Saad Mustafa SlimShiaBaabda Sovereignty and Decision (LF & PSP)
Saeed Mohamad AlameShiaBaabda Sovereignty and Decision (LF & PSP)
Abir NajiDruze Baabda the Change
Michel HelouMaroniteBaabda the Change
Robert Fouad KhalifehMaroniteBaabda the Change
Ziad Mikhael AklMaroniteBaabda the Change
Wassef HarakehShia Baabda the Change
Rani Fariq RajjiMaroniteCapable
Ali Hassan DarwishShiaCapable
Mohamad Hassan SaqrShiaCapable
Farouk Khalil el AwarDruze The National Accord List (Amal & FPM)
Alain Joseph AounMaroniteThe National Accord List (Amal & FPM)
Fadi Joseph Abo RahalMaroniteThe National Accord List (Amal & FPM)
Shadi Habib WakedMaroniteThe National Accord List (Amal & FPM)
Ali AmmarShia The National Accord List (Amal & FPM)
Fadi AlameShia The National Accord List (Amal & FPM)
Fadi Najib el AwarDruzeTogether We Can
Abdo SaadeMaroniteTogether We Can
Amal Fouad Abou FarhatMaroniteTogether We Can
Patrick Said Abou ShaqraMaroniteTogether We Can
Bilal Adnan AlameShiaTogether We Can
Yousef Ahmad ShaabeinShiaTogether We Can
Osama Sami el-AwarDruzeWe are the Change
Michel George ChamaounMaroniteWe are the Change
Pierre Yousef BaakliniMaroniteWe are the Change

Mount Lebanon IV (Aley-Chouf):

Marwan Kamil ImadDruze Capable
Nagham Naji al-HalabiDruze Capable
Ayman Ghazi ZeineddineDruze Capable
Joseph Asaad TomehMaroniteCapable
Imad Mohamad Al FarranSunniCapable
Khaled Ibrahim SaadSunniCapable
Akram Hassan ChehayebDruzePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Nazih Amin MattaGreek OrthodoxPartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Joelle Joseph FaddoulMaronitePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Ragy El SaadMaronitePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Marwan Mohamad HamadehDruze Partnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Teymour Walid JoumblattDruze Partnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Fadi Fares MaaloufGreek CatholicPartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Elie Mikhael KordahiMaronitePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
George Jamil AdwanMaronitePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Habouba Yousef AounMaronitePartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Bilal Ahmad AbdallahSunniPartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Saad El Din Wassim KhatibSunniPartnership and Will (LF & PSP)
Atallah Kamil WehbeDruzeSovereignty of a Nation
Nabil Edmon YazbeckMaroniteSovereignty of a Nation
Walid Jean ChahineMaroniteSovereignty of a Nation
Hisham Ezzat ZebianDruzeSovereignty of a Nation
Daad Nassif AzziMaroniteSovereignty of a Nation
George Edward SilwanMaroniteSovereignty of a Nation
Joyce Joseph MarounMaroniteSovereignty of a Nation
Maamoun Ahmad Al Maamoun MalakSunniSovereignty of a Nation
Mohammed Ammar Ibrahim Al-ChamaaSunniSovereignty of a Nation
Talal ArslanDruzeThe Mountain
Tarek Walid KhairallahGreek OrthodoxThe Mountain
Antoine Michel BostaniMaroniteThe Mountain
Cesar Raymond Abi KhalilMaroniteThe Mountain
Wiam WahhabDruzeThe Mountain
Ghassan Amal AttallahGreek Catholic         The Mountain
Antoine Bechara AbboudMaroniteThe Mountain
Farid George Philip BustaniMaroniteThe Mountain
Naji Nabih Al – BustaniMaroniteThe Mountain
Ahmed Helmy NajmeddineSunniThe Mountain
Osama Mohamad MaaoushSunniThe Mountain
Mohsen Farhan al-AridiDruzeThe Mountain Revolts
Salman Fouad Abd al-KhalekDruzeThe Mountain Revolts
Lyon Sorine SioufiGreek OrthodoxThe Mountain Revolts
Tabet George TabetMaroniteThe Mountain Revolts
Akram Ali BreishDruzeThe Mountain Revolts
Zeina Shawki MansourDruzeThe Mountain Revolts
Abdullah Yousef Abu AbdullahMaronite The Mountain Revolts
Nabil Khalil MchantafMaronite The Mountain Revolts
Alaa Anwar SayeghDruze United for Change (Communists)
Marc Bahjat DaouDruze United for Change (Communists)
Zoya Najib JureidiniGreek OrthodoxUnited for Change (Communists)
Fadi Fayez Abi AlamMaroniteUnited for Change (Communists)
Jad Antoine BejjaniMaroniteUnited for Change (Communists)
Rania Adel GhaithDruzeUnited for Change (Communists)
Shukri Youssef HaddadGreek CatholicUnited for Change (Communists)
Ghada Ghazi Marouni EidMaroniteUnited for Change (Communists)
Najat Khatar AounMaroniteUnited for Change (Communists)
Saoud Karim Abu ShabelMaroniteUnited for Change (Communists)
Halima Ibrahim QaaqourSunni United for Change (Communists)
Imad Wafik SeifeddineSunni United for Change (Communists)
Raed Ziad Abd al-KhalekDruzeYour Vote is a Revolution
Wassim Afif HaidarDruzeYour Vote is a Revolution
Imad Maroun HajjMaroniteYour Vote is a Revolution
Jihad Nabil ZebianDruzeYour Vote is a Revolution
Maadad Hussein Abu AliDruzeYour Vote is a Revolution
Gabi Elias AzziMaroniteYour Vote is a Revolution
Jamal Antoine MerhejMaroniteYour Vote is a Revolution
Michel Khalil Abu SuleimanMaroniteYour Vote is a Revolution
Mohammed Sami HajjarSunni Your Vote is a Revolution
Samir Hassan AakoumSunni Your Vote is a Revolution

For the full list of the Diaspora’s voting locations, visit: Here Are All The Voting Locations For The Lebanese Elections If You Live Abroad.

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