Here’s The Full List Of How Many Seats Each Party Won In The 2022 Lebanon Elections

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Despite the massive protests that took place during the Lebanese Revolution and the desire and efforts of the civil society to bring a major change to the political scene, most of the ruling political parties made it again to the parliament in these elections, with yet some differences that could be impactful.

For instance, Hezbollah and its allies no longer have the parliamentary majority. The Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SNNP) couldn’t secure a single seat. The Future Movement (FM) was absent from the race, abiding by Saad Hariri’s call to boycott. Instead, former FM members did run, securing 6 seats.

The Lebanese Forces (LF) secured most seats as a party, followed by the FPM, and then the Amal Movement.

Remarkable to mention is the reelection of the speaker of the parliament, Nabih Berri, who has been in his position for 30 years in a row and will now maintain it for the coming 4 years.

According to the official results released by the Interior Minister, here are the winning candidates, divided by parties or movements, along with the number of their secured seats.

Lebanese Forces (LF): 19 Seats

1Ziad Hawwat
2Elias Estefan
3George Elie Okeis
4Chawki Daccache
5Antoine Habchi
6Saeed el-Asmar
7Ghada Ayoub
8Melhem Riashi
9Razi al-Hajj
10Jihad Pakradouni
11Pierre Bou Assi
12Nazeeh Matta
13Ghassan Hasbani
14George Adwan
15Sethrida Geagea
16Ghayyath Yazbek
17Elias Fouad Khoury
18Jameel Abboud Abboud
19Fadi Karam

Free Patriotic Movement (FPM): 17 Seats

1Nada Boustani
2Simon Abi Ramya
3Salim Aoun
4Charbel Maroun
5Alain Aoun
6Cesar Abi Khalil
7Ghassan Atallah
8Farid el-Boustani
9Nicola Sehnaoui
10Ibrahim Kanaan
11Elias Abou Saab
12Gebran Bassil
13George Atallah
14Jimmy George Jabbour
15Assaad Ramez Dergham
16Edgar Traboulsi
17Samer el-Toum

Amal Movement: 15 Seats

1Nabih Berri
2Ali Khreis
3Inaya Ezzeddine
4Ali Adel Osseiran
5Michelle Moussa
6Ghazi Zaiter
7Qabalan Qabalan
8Fadi Alameh
9Ali Hassan Khalil
10Ashraf Baydoun
11Ayoub Fahed Hmayed
12Hani Qobeissy
13Nasser JFawzi aber
14Qassem Hachem
15Mohammad Khawaja

Hezbollah: 13 Seats

1Ali Ammar
2Rami Abou Hamdan
3Hussein Said Jashi
4Hassan Mohamad Ali Ezzeddine
5Raed Berro
6Hussein el Hajj Hasan
7Ihab Hamadeh
8Ali al-Miqdad
9Ibrahim el-Moussawi
10Muhammad Raad
11Hassan Fadlallah
12Ali Fayyad
13Amine Sherri

Linked To March 14: 2 Seats

1Cameel Chamoun
2Ashraf Rifi

Linked To March 8: 8 Seats

1Adnan Traboulsi
2Hassan Abdel-Rahim Mrad
3Jamil el-Sayyed
4Melhem Hojeiri
5Yanal Solh
6Mohammad Yehya Yehya
7Jihad el-Samad
8Taha Naji

New Opposition Groups: 13 Seats

1Cynthia Zarazir
2Paula Yaacoubian
3Ibrahim Mneimneh
4Melhim Emile Khalaf
5Waddah Sadek Sadek
6Yassin Ahmed Yassin
7Halime Kaakour
8Marc Daou
9Najat Aoun
10Rami Fanj
11Michel Douaihy
12Elias Jradeh
13Firas Hamdan

Independent Candidates: 16 Seats

1Jean Talouzian
2Fouad Makhzoumi
3Imad El Hout
4Mohammad Nabil Othman Badr
5Michel Daher
6Ghassan Skaf
7Farid Khazen
8Neemat Frem
9Michel el Murr
10Firas Ahmad Salloum
11Ihab Matar
12Adib Abdelmasih
13Michel Moawad
14Abdel Rahman Bizri
15Charbel Massaad
16Oussama Saad

Progressive Socialist Party (PSP): 8 Seats

1Wael Bou Faour
2Faissal e-Sayegh
3Hadi Abu el Hassan
4Akram Chehayeb
5Raji el-Saad
6Taymour Jumblatt
7Marwan Hmadeh
8Bilal Abdallah

Related to Future Movement: 8 Seats

1Walid Baarini
2Sajeeh Attieh
3Ahmad Mohammad Rustoum
4Mohamed Mustafa Suleiman
5Ahmad el-Khair
6Abdul Aziz Ibrahim el-Samad
7Abdel Karim Mohammad Kabbara
8Bilal Melhem el Hashimi

Kataeb Party: 4 Seats

1Salim Sayegh
2Nadim Gemayel
3Sami Gemayel
4Elias Hankash

Tashnag: 3 Seats

1Hagop Terzian
2Hagop Pakradounian
3George Pushkian

Marada Movement: 2 Seats

1Toni Franjeyye
2William Tawk

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Here's The Full List Of How Many Seats Each Party Won In The 2022 Lebanon Elections

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