Here’s The List Of Who Won In Mount Lebanon I (Keserwan, Jbeil) District In Lebanon’s Elections 2022

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According to the state-run National News Agency, here are the results of Lebanon’s Elections for Mount Lebanon I (Keserwan, Jbeil) district.

Note: LF indicates the Lebanese Forces party of Samir Geagea, and FPM indicates the Free Patriotic Movement of Gebran Bassil.

Farid Jean Heiykal KhazenMaroniteThe Heart of Independent Lebanon
Nada BoustanyMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)
Simon Farid Abi RamiaMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)
Raed BerroShia We Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)
Salim SayeghMaroniteThe Cry of a Nation (Kataeb)
Neemat FremMaroniteThe Cry of a Nation (Kataeb)
Chawki DaccacheMaroniteWith You, We Can Until the End (LF)
Ziad HawatMaroniteWith You, We Can Until the End (LF)

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