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15 weird things Lebanese people do

We have the weirdest sayings ever.

We Lebanese people live in a world of our own.

We say "bye" 20 times before hanging up the phone

Because it's rude to say bye once I suppose?

Getting a visa calls for a celebration

People will call you to congratulate you. 

Ending a visit by finishing the conversation at the front door FOR HOURS

At least close the door because that's how all the bugs get inside the house!

Clap when the plane lands

The plane receives a thundering ovation every time it lands.

Family dinners last for hours

Lebanese people are extra and our dinners last forever! We take breaks between meal courses.

We overdress everywhere

Because the world is our runway. 

We turn everything into a joke

This is our coping mechanism. We can't survive unless we joke about everything that bothers us.

We abbreviate all the words

McDonald's = Macdo

Achrafieh = Ach

Marm = Mar Mikhael

Some people take out loans to organize extravagant weddings

This is a wake-up call: if you can't afford an expensive wedding, just don't get one. Drowning in debt is that last thing you want. 

Rely on wasta more than Linkedin

That speaks volume. It is so much easier to get things done or get a job when you have connections. This has to change.

We have the weirdest sayings ever

Lebanese expressions make absolutely no sense when directly translated into English! 

3ayesh/3ayshe bel khasse = he/she is living in a lettuce. This expression is said of someone who has no idea what's going on.

We tell weird lies to children

"If you keep misbehaving, Abou Kis will take you away." I don't know about you, but I'm calling child services.

We say "men chouf" or "nchallah" instead of "no"

We're mysterious people.

We receive the weirdest good morning texts


Via Good morning

Lebanese parents will make you wear a jacket even if it's hot as hell

This is how they show that they care about you.

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