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15+ things about Lebanon foreigners just don't get

Foreigners usually notice things about Lebanon that we find normal. These are 15+ things about Lebanon that they just don't get!

Addresses are different

There’s one thing that Lebanese people do not know, and that is how to navigate using addresses. If you have ever been abroad, you know what I’m talking about. See, addresses in Lebanon are different. Watch the video and see for yourself!

The backs of trucks are full of wisdom

Lebanese read their daily quotes of wisdom way before Tumblr was created. The backs of the trucks in Lebanon are full of wisdom. So if you’re stuck in traffic, you can just read the quotes.

You should look both ways when crossing a one-way street

  Do you remember when Dora the Explorer taught you that you should look both ways when crossing the street? Turns out, the girl was right.

People communicate in three languages

Communicating in three languages at the same time is a Lebanese skill. The benefits of being trilingual means that we have more job opportunities and that tourists feel comfortable while communicating in Lebanon.

Train drivers in Lebanon are still getting paid

Now you’re going to say that train drivers should be paid for their hard work. It’s true, except for the fact that there are no trains in Lebanon! Trains stopped working in the 1970’s due to the civil war. The railway system in Lebanon is currently abandoned. Also, where do I sign up?

People's outfits are always on point

  Foreigners usually seek comfort, unlike Lebanese people who believe that life is a runway.

There’s a bridge in the middle of the highway

Lebanese people do not understand that either.

Our love for hummus

  Hummus is not food; it’s a philosophy. You simply cannot eat Lebanese food without hummus. Case closed.

Extra toum

I mean how can people eat chicken without extra toum? Your breath will smell really bad afterward but it is totally worth it.

Lebanese weddings

Lebanese weddings are amazing! The vibe, the food, the decoration, and the music are always on point! It’s like you’re in a different world and every foreigner should attend an extravagant Lebanese wedding. Also, why are people dancing the dabke on the wall?

One Lebanese family can populate an entire city

And that’s why we have to attend over ten weddings every year. The best part is when all your relatives greet you at the


. Can you feel the love?

Hala bel khamis

Why are people excited about Thursday when the weekend in Lebanon starts on Friday?

The hospitality in Lebanon is out of this world

Lebanese people will do everything to make you feel welcomed in their houses.

The nature of Lebanon

How can a small country have mountains, a sea, rivers, and magnificent landscapes?

The nightlife in Lebanon

It’s crazy, it’s vibrant, and we love it! There’s no better place for party animals than the

nightlife scene in Lebanon


Lebanese expressions



tend to use


that are funny… and sometimes weird.

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