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10 things every typical Lebanese tourist does

Lebanese tourists abroad are a world on their own.

Posts a picture of their passport and boarding pass on Instagram

That's the most basic thing you can expect from a Lebanese tourist.

Gets excited when they meet a fellow Lebanese tourist

It is delightful when you hear someone speaking Lebanese abroad. Two minutes into the conversation and you find out that either you are from the same region or you're somehow related.

Misses Lebanese food even though the trip will last just for a few days

Let's make this clear: nothing in the world will ever top a man2ouche for breakfast. Also, the Lebanese bread is the best.

Visits a Lebanese restaurant

Compares everything with Lebanon

"Ma habbet l khyar bi Amerka medre kif henne."

"Choufo l hadara"

They're talking about something super basic here, like a crosswalk or traffic lights.

"Sarit l se3a 6 w ma n2ata3it l kahraba"

If you've ever been abroad, you certainly got a mini heart attack when you plugged in the hairdryer and thought the power would go off.

Gets excited about using the metro/train because the only time we use trains in Lebanon is in Jeita Grotto and Dream Park

Lebanese kids are the only ones that get super excited to ride the train in an amusement park. If you have ever used the metro or train, you know that they are super convenient. We absolutely need them in Lebanon.

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Complains that there's no toum

This is how disappointed Lebanese tourists look when they are eating chicken without toum:

Posts the pictures of their trip for a year

Lebanese tourists will post the pictures of their trips FOREVER.

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