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Your Eatery Guide Around Downtown Beirut

From Lebanese cuisine to French and Japanese, this guide list 10 restaurants and the appropriate dress code and best times to enjoy a meal.

Too many choices? Lost? You probably take The961 as your easy go-to guide, and this is exactly what I’m here for. This article is your perfect guide (with my ratings) for all the eateries around Downtown Beirut. I am including types of cuisines, dress code, and the best times to be dining there. The price range won’t be included, considering this is downtown Beirut and prices are usually above average.

#1 Em Sherif Café

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Em Sherif Café is probably my favorite Lebanese cuisine restaurant. The seating is comfortable, considering that it's usually super crowded and the food has its own taste that differentiates it from other restaurants. You can enjoy the place and its delicious Lebanese cuisine anytime throughout the day. Dress code? Mostly sport-chic.

#2 Mandarine

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This place was a hotspot for me and my friends during university days. They serve a little bit of every type of cuisine. The food is good in my opinion and the seating is amazing. Their outdoor seating is placed on the corner of the street, allowing diners the perfect view of Downtown. The best times to enjoy a meal at Mandarine are during lunch and dinner.

#3 Metropole

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My Sundays consist of having tea in metropole with friends, discussing how our weekend went. Their French cuisine is absolutely delicious and their seating makes you feel like you’re having dinner in Paris. The attire, with respect to the décor, would be along the line of sporty chic to classy.

#4 Bebabel

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Bebabel is another Lebanese restaurant on the Downtown strip. Their concept is comforting and their décor is classy. The food is delicious and the presentation is eye-catching. My favorite time for dining in Bebabel would be at night while dressed up above casual.

#5 L’Avenue Du Parc

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Hello France! This is another French restaurant but this one is more fine dining and super classy. The dressing has to be chic. My take on the best times would be at night for a proper French dinner.

#6 Kampai

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Sushi! Always my favorite. Kampai is a modern place for one of the best sushi restaurants in town. Kampai is perfect for both lunch and dinner. The attire is usually smart chic and businessy as people working in Downtown seek it for lunch during their breaks. Dinner time is more sporty-chic.

#7 Seray

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Seray offers a fine dining Lebanese cuisine. The ambiance is classy and the food is delicious. The perfect time to wine and dine is definitely at night. The dressing attire is classy.

#8 Lily’s Café

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There’s something about Downtown that makes you feel like you’re in France with all their French-esque restaurants. The best time, in my opinion for Lilly’s, is definitely breakfast or brunch time. Their seating is casual and very cherry-like. The dressing attire is casual.

#9  Cocteau

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Classy? Check. French? Check. Delicious? Check! Cocteau is the perfect place for classy dining and authentic French food. My favorite time for Cocteau would be around dinner, but you can do lunch there as well. Their ambiance is classic, matching their frenchy feel.

#10 Gavi

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Casual and Italian, the best combination you can have. Their food is one of my favorites for Italian and their ambiance is comforting, nothing flashy. You can enjoy Gavi for both lunch and dinner, and the dressing attire is casual chic.

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