Live Bullets Were Reported Shot At Protesters In Beirut

Current protests are erupting in Beirut. The government’s neglect and irresponsibility towards handling the port explosion’s aftermath provoked them to start a new form of a revolution.

People want the officials out as soon as possible. They have had enough with their negligence, hypocrisy, and clownery. They are ready to do what it takes to rebuild the city of Beirut with their own hands and blood.

People are angry, sad, and impatient, and ready to make changes whether the leaders like it or not. Angry protesters are not holding back from violent actions, expressing their disappointment and grief to all lives lost during the explosion.

From the opposing side, the Riot Control police did not hold back either, and many protesters got injured and claimed they were hit by live bullets.

MTV also reported on live TV seeing may live bullets lying on the floor, verifying the protester’s accusations.

Screenshot form MTV news
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Even though the accusations are going viral on social media platforms from protesters in Beirut, the police department denied them:

“Accusing us of shooting live bullets is for suspected reasons. We reassure that our duty is to protect the parliament building only.”

Interesting statement. How about the people? Or is it that the parliament and its rulers only have the right for protection?

And why wasn’t the port and the city of Beirut protected from such lethal danger?

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