Live Feed Was Cut When France Snapped At Diab After He Blamed World For Lebanon’s Crises

Tuesday Meeting Broadcast Was Cut As French Ambassador Responded To PM Diab's Comments
Dalati & Nohra | @grillo_anne

French Ambassador to Lebanon Anne Grillo had an unexpected response to Lebanese caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab‘s request for international support during a meeting with ambassadors and diplomats on Tuesday.

Grillo rejected Diab‘s accusation that the international community is “punishing” the Lebanese and turning its back on Lebanon and besieging it, blaming the crisis on the years of mismanagement by Lebanese politicians.

“The current situation in Lebanon is the result of mismanagement by the successive officials, who are still making mistakes; it is not the result of an external blockade,” she said.

“The world is already helping the Lebanese and not waiting for an invitation to a meeting to help them.”

She mentioned the support that France and its partners have provided, arguing that Lebanese officials are besieging themselves by not forming a government.

The diplomat also stressed that the caretaker government is capable of negotiating with international financial bodies to resolve the difficult situation in Lebanon without waiting for the next government.

Before Grillo had finished her comments, the live broadcast of the diplomatic meeting with caretaker PM Diab was abruptly cut, and the rest of her speech could not be recorded.

Diab had warned during the Tuesday meeting that Lebanon was a few days away from a social explosion, urging the international community to save the country from turmoil.

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