LIVE: Protestors Are Being Teargassed In Beirut

Protestors Are Being Teargassed In Beirut

Turning their sadness into anger, countless Lebanese people have flooded the streets of Beirut in massive anti-government demonstrations.

Fueled by the rage and sorrow that they had endured following the disaster of August 4th, the protesters are calling for the toppling of the political establishment in a powerful scene that mirrors the uprising that started in October 2019.

And with the return of the masses to their sit-ins returns the all-too-familiar scene of the thick, white clouds amongst them.

In response to the ongoing protests in the Lebanese capital, security forces armed with tear gas have been deployed to disperse them.

Chanting “revolution” and anti-government slogans, some of the people gathered in the capital are carrying mock gallows with pictures of Lebanese politicians hung on them.

The protesters have tried to break into the Parliament building but were pushed back by the riot police.

Meanwhile, anti-government trends are have taken over the top-trending Twitter list in Lebanon, supporting the protests and circulating photos and videos of the demonstrations.

This comes four days after a massive explosion shook the Lebanese capital, killed at least 150, injured nearly 5,000, and displaced over 300,000 in a catastrophic event that has been deemed as one of history’s largest non-nuclear explosions.

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